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Is Obama Really Unbeatable?

After months and months of talk Haley Barbour decided yesterday he wasn't going to aim for the presidency. Leaving the the New York Times to wonder why this could be, and concludes, between the lines, that Obama is somewhat unbeatable (something echoed in the articles comments).

They offer a who's who of people that turned down a shot at challenging Obama...or as I call it, the "GOP Owl Call"

John Thune (who?)
Mike Pence (who?)
Bob Corker (WHO?!?)

I do actually know who those three are, but most people don't.

They round off the list with Chris Christie, who isn't even halfway done with his first term as New Jersey's governor, and Jeb Bush who for everyone would end up being a big "Who? Oh HELL NO!"

I know Jeb has his fans, but it's just impossible to sell YET ANOTHER Bush to the country. Sorry. Nobody will care if Jeb is like a shiny state-of-the-art Blu-ray disc, everyone is still pissed that his brother turned out to be a useless LaserDisc throwback.

Truth be told there will be Republican's who want to challenge Obama, and there's A LOT to challenge. His signature initiatives have been disaterous failures for the country, and the Democratic party especially.

It seems to me that the trick is not just to have the right message, but to have a message period. President DingleBarry won in 2008 for being nothing more than a media tingle-fairy. His numbers suck because people are figuring that out. So I think even having a modicum of substance and a base willing to shout it from the rooftops to the voters residing in the middle could overcome Obama's expected billion-dollar war chest.

There is no doubt the media is in overdrive trying to rehabilitate Obama's public perception...they should work on their subtlety a little more...