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Fashionable Burkas for Liberals?

Too many creative types these days conduct themselves like toddlers without the diaper, unless wearing one is the new thing in fashion.

Hey did I write that to segue into how fashion designers are starting to fetishize burkas? Why yes I did!

How quaint is that, Europe starts moving to ban them and that turns it into the forbidden fruit of high fashion. Anyone who has even seen a glimpse of a fashion show knows modesty at any level is not exactly the goal of the runway. So this will present an interesting conundrum because making burkas sexy is sort of missing the point.

Celebrities often help move a fashion trend forward by being the first to sport the new "it." One direction I think the designers should try is styling the burka for different personalities. I came up with a few ideas to demonstrate this...

Joy Behar

This burka, frankly, makes her look REALLY good, it looks like she wants to wear it in the same way she thinks...backwards

Perez Hilton

I might get blasted for homophobia here, but I didn't invent the stereotype clearly on display here. Don't shoot the messenger, gay men like of pink.

Joe Biden

It looks like he went ahead and copied Perez's idea...I think it would be a good idea that for once he keep his mouth shut.

Michael Moore

Going for sustainability! Double chins are way more ecofriendly than organic cotton (by the way I didn't know cotton wasn't organic already)

Anthony Weiner

I suppose this counts...