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The Fatal Flaw of Progressivism

It's been a while since I've given a hat tip to the brilliant Bill Whittle (check out his YouTube channel here).

Ed Morrisey has some good comments about this over at Hot Air

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Liberalism's Actual Contribution to "Progressive"

A couple of months ago I was flipping through channels and came across this panel discussion on CNN. I caught it near the end so I had no idea what they were talking about.

I did, however, nearly hurl after hearing some idiot celebrity tart on the panel say that she was a progressive, thus SHE believed in "progress." Right, as opposed to everyone else on the planet who isn't her intellectual clone. WE all wake up every morning wondering how we can bring the world to apocalyptic destruction.

It's a wonder liberals don't resolve in one of their meetings to just don capes, they go on enough about themselves saving the world. Now they believe they have a monopoly on "progress."

When I refer to "progressives" in my posts I always try to make sure there are quotes, because that label is based entirely on their say so. If liberalism was really so self evident in its righteousness they wouldn't need to run from it.

They want to be "progressive?" Fine, from now on I'm going to start doing more than just use quotes to point out the absurdity of this notion by pointing out their only real contribution to it...

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A Wisconsin Road Crossing Sign

In California we have similar signs for illegal immigrants, so it's almost the same thing...

Wisconsin keeps their eyes peeled for the politicians, we look out for their constituents.

From iOwnTheWorld


I don't normally (or ever) do this, but I got an idea to add to it to make the whole thing a bit more...comprehensive for road safety sake.

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Has The Fat Lady Sung In Wisconsin?

Protesters in Madison have "aroused a sleeping giant" in the national fight for workers' rights, filmmaker Michael Moore told thousands at the Capitol Square on Saturday, as rallies opposing Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposals wrapped up their third week....

"America is not broke ... Wisconsin is not broke," Moore said. "The only thing that's broke is the moral compass of the rulers."

More at Wisconsin State Journal

A "sleeping giant" was aroused?!? I'm confused, I'll explain why in Pulp Fiction style:

First of all, Boobs...check...liberal ideology....check...did I not just say a fat lady is singing?

Second, assuming his skin down there didn't already naturally crawl up into himself and connect with his newly lady parts (as clearly stated as a medical side effect when one registers Democrat) wouldn't a lack of circulation have caused it to fall off a long time ago?

Thirdly, for the sake of argument how could Moore possibly even know he's "aroused"? I'm just sayin'...when I come home from the grocery store and I insist on bringing all the bags in on the first trip my fingers become NUMB....

Isn't that what it would be like to be Michael Moore's penis?

Being a dick doesn't mean you get to pretend you still have one Mikey Michelle.

And what's this crap about America not being broke?

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I'm Pretty Sure A Whiny Socialist Man Created This Poster

At the very least he's definitely jealous of the wealth of praise the one who does all the work is getting, he must believe that if it got spread around it would be good for everybody...

Maybe I'm just overly sensitive because my wife just gave birth...*sniff*

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A Tale of Two Buses

This was emailed to me, it has a very good moral at the end...



.......and which country do you get when you have a technical problem with your computer?


It's almost a metaphor for the type of people WE choose to run our government.

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When Democrats Recruit at Game Shows

Suddenly Obama doesn't seem so unqualified...

Top Senate Democrats sought to recruit Ken Jennings to challenge Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) back in 2004, the "Jeopardy!" contestant revealed Thursday.

Jennings is famous for holding the record for consecutive wins on the quiz show. His streak of 74 straight victories brought him to the attention of the Democratic Senate leadership in 2004.....

Jennings continued: "I am not making this up. Win on a game show and you can apparently run for the US Senate. That was when I realized the Democratic Party was f@#$ed in '04."

More at The Hill

According to the article Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer PERSONALLY reached out to Jennings to run. Do you think Sharon Angle would've won if she was able to run ads showing how Reid thought a game show contestant could do what he does?

I would've loved to have seen that debate...

    Jennings: What is capitalism?

    Hatch: Wha?

    Jennings: What is that's my answer...

    Hatch: To...the moderator's, question?

    Jennings: What is Harry Reid wanted me to find out for him?

    Hatch: Well I believe you were asked if you support the war on terror?

    Jennings: What is can't you just freakin' ask me about stuff that ends in "urple"?

    Hatch: Citizens of Utah I look forward to serving another term as your senator.

    Jennings: What is WHERE THE F**K IS MY BUZZER?!?

That's Democrats view of leadership for you. Become famous for knowing stuff like the names of craters on the moon and that can be your golden ticket to becoming a cog in the machine that makes trillion dollar deficits.

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One Big Reason (or little, depends on the person) We Don't Need Government

This was emailed to me, I'm sure it was taken a while ago, but it's still too good to not share.

To be fair to Obama, I think this guy pegged the wrong Democratic president.

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All This Focus On The Kochs Has Made Liberals Forget About News Corp!

I've been so focused on blowing the lid on the idiocy over liberals making the Koch brothers their boogeymen that I missed a very interesting revelation on the Open Secrets all-time donor chart.

Look who is ranked at 81...

News Corp, that evil GOP corporate conglomerate that owns that GOP Public Relations firm we call Fox News gives more money to DEMOCRATS! Stick that in Sean Hannity's pipe and smoke it!

Liberals picked a REALLY bad time to argue about who puts money into politics, didn't they?

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Dropping The Other Shoe On the Koch Brothers Money Trail

My post exposing The Smoking Gun on the Koch Brothers Money Trail has had an interesting reaction from the left has been simultaneously disappointing and typical.

Basically, they think the charts that show conclusively that labor unions give WAY WAY WAY more money to politics than the new liberal boogeymen brothers are "misleading." (duh)

I haven't had too much in the way of an explanation of how this is true until today from a new liberal pal of mine on Twitter, who spoke up saying, "you mean THIS gun?"

I apparently overlooked the individual donations of the Kochs, which are separate from Koch Industries. Not realizing this would be such a game changer to the big picture, I went ahead and rolled the individual contriubution amounts into the $11,002,235 kicked in by Koch Industries over the last 21 years that ranks them 83 out of 140 on the all-time donor list.

The new number is $13,845,380, which SKYROCKETS them ALLLLLLLL the way up to 61! Did you feel the G's on that one?

That new ranking changes virtually nothing, it would place Koch Industries ahead of a bunch of corporation, and only 3 unions.

Even if that kind of comingling of funds doesn't make sense, liberals still have to grapple with the hypocrisy of complaining about the Kochs contributing $2,843,145 to the political process over a 21 year period when the left's most photogenic billionaire ally, George Soros, spent more than one-third that ammount on ONE California ballot proposition in 2010 ALONE.

Then my friend sent me this chart ↓ ....

...which to the naked eye for the liberal guy looks like the Koch's spent triple what the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees spent in 2010, and that they actually started spending more than them starting in 2006.

Look at the scale on the "TOTALS" axis. In 2010 Koch industries spent about $2 million, the AFSCME spent almost 3 million. The comparisons just get worse from there, because 2010 was a record breaking year for the Koch's. Meanwhile, the AFSCME spent that and THEN some (especially in 2000 and 2002) EVERY YEAR but 1990.

So....I'm still trying to figure out what my liberal friend was trying to "show and tell" me. That he doesn't understand numbers? He doesn't know how to read charts?

Or maybe he was just trying to concede that I'm still right?

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