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Its My Arrogance in Chief Obama Rant

I know its a week late, but I'm going to rant about the state of the union....its not like I'm commenting on the war in Afghanistan, in which case this post would've been made 2 months and 3 weeks from now.

Anyway, last week amateur hour went prime time as what passes for a president these days gave his first State of the Union address. I'm guessing the starting line-up teleprompters Obama took to the elementary school must've been given a much deserved day off because those B-listers doubling as vanity mirrors for Biden and Pelosi seemed to be reversing what were supposed to be applause and laugh lines the entire night. At least as far as the Democrats were concerned.

I swear during the Dems standing ovations if Chuck Schumer acted like any more of a smug arrogant schmuck pants he'd be exactly like....Chuck Schumer

Now that we've all had our first go of it I vote that we take away the teleprompters-in-chief and offically draft an amendment to the constitution that prevents him or any president from using the State of the Union as an opportunity to publicly berate the Supreme Court of the United States.

I know the constitution isn't something the other two branches are terribly fond of but the judicial branch is still SEPARATE AND EQUAL to them. If they don't want a justice like Sam Alito wants to have the temerity to show displeasure in being attacked then Obama shouldn't be doing the attacking in the first place.

If we wanted that we'd just vote for Simon Cowell....which works well because he's not a citizen either

How condescending! How arrogant! How can the Supreme Court not defend itself when the President tries to assert superiority over it with a verbal horsewhipping on national television.

If Obama's act goes any more amateurish he'll have to start broadcasting his addresses from the Apollo....

Oh man I can hear the cries of racism now...telling the president to go to the Apollo Theater of all places...fine, any open mic night at a local DC chuckle hut where he'll draw more tears than laughter works just as well....I don't care at this point....

At least I'm not the idiot implying that black equals some kind of inferior. I swear, talk radio is the biggest ratings blessing for Chris Matthews, if it weren't for them nobody would even know that after the State of the Union last week Chris Matthews "forgot" Obama was black.

Too bad Obama can't make the country forget his administration is on crack.

Oh man, I forget, is he that black guy? If only he used a negro dialect...

Told you this was going to be a rant...because I when I say I'm going to do something, I don't get everyone to sign on to it and then do the exact opposite....unlike certain sitting presidents who were the subject of this blog and shall remain nameless.

I'm telling you for president. I've already got my campaign button ready to go!

Aww @$%&$ first scandal....