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Celebrity Attention 300: Marketing Molestation

When I read Mackenzie Phillips was in the news again I finally said...who?

Then I looked her up on wikipedia, and that said....who?

But that was because I kept misspelling her name, which was realized when google said "OH don't you mean..."

This is for another day, but the line between us and the machines really is blurring...between my computer/phone and google I don't know a bigger gossipmonger in my life. I mean, I've never met this woman, I never will, I can never imagine a situation where our paths will cross, and I know more about her than the people I work with thanks to the rise of the machines...but I digress.

Normally I would link my sources, but I will not dignify what I'm about to say with a link that emanates from this website.

I at first wondered why she wanted to announce that her father raping her in a drug induced haze on both their parts (the night before her wedding) lead to a ten year consensual incest-fest was hard to understand until Mr. Cynical kicked in and I realized she must be trying selling something.

Turns out it mentions in the same article I was reading that her memoirs were just released. How did we get to this place where personal tragedy leads to personal cash grabs? If its not that then its some juicy secret celebrities want to divulge in these books that, again, is solely for the purpose of getting people to fork over money so they can read more about it.

Invariably these secrets have an unwilling accomplice. Victim is probably a better word for it. Barbara Walters took a break from verbally turning "R's" into "W's" and chastising Wush Limbaugh for being wealthy to write her memoirs, and in them she just had to include this episode in her life about an affair with "marwied" Senator Edward Brooke (the last Wepublican senator Massachusetts had, and a black man).

That news was, of course, released in conjunction with her book. The family of this man was made to suffer public embarrassment because Walters wanted people to pay her money so they can read her bragging about how she once banged a married black man.

To be fair, there really isn't any reason to read her dumb book, unless you're the type where sordid affairs from amoral busybodies are your kind of carrot.

There is no question that Phillips has had a rough go of life. I personally know people who have endured the level of abuse she has experienced, and I know the colossal amount of irreversible damage it does to their lives. However, none of them would ever dream of shouting about it from the rooftops much less ask people to pay money for the details.