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Which is more realistic? This Photoshop or John Kerry's assessment of Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

I hate doing posts like this as much as I feel compelled to do them. They can be construed as rooting against our (Democratic) leaders in a foreign crisis, but honestly it's the only kind of commentary that makes sense because they're not giving us anything to root for.

Anyway Secretary of State Kerry is going to the region, and YOU decide which is more realistic, the Photoshop below (with a face like John Kerry's I have to clarify that it is a Photoshop job) or Kerry's claim that Russia is invading Ukraine because it is weak and desperate.

Really, Mr. Ed? Compared to who?

Here's a hint for any liberals reading this: How many country's in the history of the world risked their blood and treasure invading another country from a position of weakness?

I thought so.