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How Republicans Should Respond To Obama's Lies From Now On

It would probably be there permanently...

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The Reason Liberals Are So Sure Their Leadership Isn't Dragging America Down

Even the writers of the old Looney Tunes cartoons could imagine the wacky behavior and ideas coming out of Obama and other leading Democrats as the country, and the world, are four years or less away from plunging into an abyss...

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What A Liberal Compromise On Gun Control Might Look Like

I feel bad posting this...I don't want to give the fascists any ideas...

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Crayon Color Names For Liberals

h/t to John Hawkins of Right Wing News for the tip on the #ProgressiveCrayonColors game at Twitter. Some are mine, but many of these were derived from what I found there.

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Is Obama The King Of Fiscal Cliff Deniers?

YES! He is!

Apparently Obama truly believes there is absolutely no spending problem in our government.

W-O-W...and now I have my second King Obama post in a month's time.

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Boehner's F-bomb At Harry Reid Was Probably Launched By Accident...

So it looks like during the fiscal cliff talks Speaker Boehner had some fun F-bombs to share with Harry Reid.

While it was a sentiment most normal Americans share with the Speaker, given Reid and Obama ultimately got their way I have to wonder how it really went down.

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Exclusive Photo Of Boehner Posing With Democrats After Fiscal Cliff Vote

It's offcial, fiscal cliff crisis averted! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

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