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If Hillary Clinton Is The Most Powerful Woman Ever Then Why Did One Simple Task Always Elude Her?

Newsweek declared Hillary Clinton the most powerful American woman ever.

Diogenes has something to say about that.

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We Need More Freedom, Not These Liberal Monsters

Sparked from a random thought...

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Obama Takes A Spin On The "Other" Air Force One

The Demperor has decreed that it's ok to kill Americans with predator drones. See the memo at Gateway Pundit.

This president is everything the crazies on the left swore George W. Bush was going to become, but didn't.

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The Real Reason Obama Disbanded His Jobs Council

Hope 'n Change reveals a very reasonable and logical explanation...

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There Is One Farmer God Did Not Create...

If you were in a coma yesterday and hadn't heard about the Super Bowl commercial this references you can see it here.

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The Funniest Obama Shooting A Gun Photoshop

I've seen a lot of good ones, but this one from SooperMexican really made me laugh (out loud) a lot.

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The Photo Of Obama Shooting A Gun May Have Been Altered To Look Like Skeet Shooting

Just a theory...

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