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Passing the Kennedy Crown to Obama

You can go ahead and read this or you can hear my summation of it...basically, I'm trying to figure out if this is an news story, editorial, or brazen sexual advance toward President Obama.

Its tempting to make the jokes and take the shots at Teddy for what he did back in 1969. Its probably even justified. However, he was also loved by his family and his passing is genuinely mourned so I'm not going to roast him on that....

Not today anyway.

All my life I've been trying to understand why so many people don't see how whole romanticizing of the Kennedy family and the idea that their dynasty is embodied in the concept of "Camelot" is more artificial than a cloned copy of Joan Rivers's face.

If we want to be honest with ourselves the Kennedy family is nothing more than the popular clique in high school who everyone wants to be like because THEY said so.

Read any article on the impact of any Kennedy, you'll find more fluff in one article than in all the clouds in heaven.

Of course buried in the rough is the fact they were irresponsible, reckless, womanizing silver spoons, but boy did they have charisma!

This is something I think conservatives should finally start to understand about Democrats/progressives/zombies is that personality is pretty much the most only important thing to them when seeking qualification for who should run a country. Its like the democratic primaries are really just homecoming contests for grown ups.

If that is an incendiary hyper partisan assessment than what was the big difference between Obama and Hillary Clinton philosophically?

Every way you slice it, that vote was purely superficial, and it all went Obama's way....all the way down to the category of "who would straight men rather sleep with."

Obama skated by on his good looks (so to speak), much like the Kennedy's whose crown the mainstream media is brazenly, but in an unbiased way of course, passing to Obama now that Teddy is gone and there is no heir apparent within the family willing to take the job of Kennedy family patriarch.

I don't blame them, based on the media's treatment of the family you would think it was some sort of badge of honor.