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What is The Looking Spoon?

When you look at a spoon from the front everything is inverted, your reflection appears upside down. When you look at its backside (or from a backwards perspective), everything is right-side up.

That's the sort of world we live in right now, what is good and right in the world is being increasingly seen in a reverse light. That's The Looking Spoon.

We believe that visual communication is and always has been the most powerful way to relay ideas and get them through to people. So the main purpose of this site will be to collect, share, and blog about images, graphics and memes with a conservative/center-right point of view.

Additionally, The Looking Spoon seeks to create original, biting, aggressive, un-PC, very un-PC, and "pad the room if a liberal sees this" commentary from a conservative to center-right point of view with art and Photoshop work that employs everything from serious commentary to humor, satire, sarcasm, and the kitchen sink if we'd finally get the technology to upload one.

Original works of The Looking Spoon can be found in the "TLS Original Art" menu to the right, and can be identified throughout the blog as the pieces marked with The Looking Spoon's logo.

What the heck is WDITOT?

"Why didn't I think of that?" That's what I call a piece that's really awesome and I wish I could be the one to claim credit for it.

What's a lofo?

I don't remember where I first saw it, but it means low-information voter, which is basically a long-winded way to say Democrat.