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This funny pro-bullying joke actually does have a point...

I've actually thought about this in a more serious way than this graphic presents. While I understand why anti-bullying campaigns have been springing up I'm noticing that like with all the other "isms" out there people are starting to misuse the term in the same way the left uses "racism" to squelch discussion they don't like.

Only yesterday I was part of a Facebook thread about politics where a liberal friend whipped out the "B" word against a conservative friend in reaction to him saying something the liberal friend didn't like.

My conservative friend was displaying a different "B" word...backbone. Yet rather than take on the merits of what he was saying the liberal friend rested their case on his being a "bully" and then washed their hands of the discussion.

I've been noticing it in political discussions on TV a lot more too, I could be wrong, but the pendulum has only begun to swing, so I think we'll see A LOT more of this tactic before it gets better.

As with everything else with good intentions I'm not sure (speaking from my own experiences) that the anti-bullying movement is doing kids any favors. Life in the real world can be a big kick in the nuts sometimes, the kids who learn it early have a good head start on figuring that out.