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8 of the snarkiest Martin Luther King memes online (and 3 truly inspirational ones)

Based on the lack of links on Memeorandum and Drudge about MLK day it's hard to tell if people aren't commenting on it because of the sense the mission was accomplished, or because many of those who "honor" him aren't fooling anyone anymore.

That said, on the surface it may appear that I'm trying to disrespect or discredit the work and words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. FAR from it!

If the Civil Rights movement happened today he and his allies would no doubt take to pounding the pavement of social media, but he would still be pounding literal pavement too. This is a man who had courage rarely seen outside of people who serve in the military. It's a courage that could never be overstated.

He has also had a legacy co-opted by people who are not at all interested in continuing it, but they want to use it for their own self-aggrandizement, or to appear "cultured" in the ways of greatness.

It is true that King was no saint, but it is also true that in too many ways our culture has devolved from the strength and moral uprightness he called for and preached as a means to effect positive lasting change.

This is in contradistinction to the liberal and leftist so-called "Progressives" who claim only THEY act in his name. They are the real perpetrators of tarnishing it so, as some of the images in this post aptly illustrate. Starting with this one...