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The Instrument Of Murder That Claims 35% More Victims Than The Rifle...

The numbers, brought to you by Breitbart, are real and from the FBI. I want to say I'm surprised, but I'm not...

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A Red Flag That Liberals Just Aren't In To Freedom

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You Know Liberals Have A Losing Argument When Stick Figures Can Beat It

I've seen a lot of great graphics that not only destroy liberal logic on gun control, but I never thought stick figures would also make it seem so awesomely infantile.

Leave a comment if you know who made this.

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Why Conservatives Should Get Behind Universal Vision Insurance

Way too many people, starting (and probably ending) with liberals, have a ridiculously cartoonish idea of who conservatives are. This graphic should help with that.

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A Venn Diagram Explaining Obama

Part of the Obama Graphic Retrospective.

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8 Venn Diagrams (accurately) describing who Obama is...

Note: Originally posted during the 2012 presidential campaign, these are still relevent today, if not more so.

A visitor recently wrote to alert me to how the Romney campaign has been employing a series of graphics like this one to show the gap between Obama's promises and results on a number of issues.

A liberal site called Upworthy, has incorrectly labeled these graphics as venn diagrams, and then proceeded to respond to them. You can see their pathetic offering here.

The visitor posted a response on his blog Slapotics to Upworthy's unworthy effort

I also came up with a few of my own...

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