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This is when you know a liberals politics are more faith-based in a really bad way

You don't need to be a political scientist to know this, you just need to be mildly observant. The only time a socialist country leads the world in anything it's usually based on subjective criteria that invariably comes from an organization run by socialists, or by people biased toward socialism over free markets.

For instance, years ago the World Health Organization produced a report oft-cited by liberals as proof that our healthcare system needed to mirror Europe's because it ranked so low while their nations ranked higher. The report (which liberals counted on people NOT reading, because they didn't) uses as a criteria for evaluating a system the level of government involvement in administration, which it viewed as a good thing. Of course, a system that's market-based will rank lower by design.

Anyone with a pulse can observe the absurdity of it all, unless your political ideology is your religion.