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Re-rebranding The New Democrat Logo

The Republican National Committee scoffed at the changes. "There is no surer sign of the Democrats lack of ideas and lack of a coherent message than for the DNC to promise an announcement that would change the election and then unveil a new logo," said spokesman Doug Heye. "Voters care about growing jobs and fixing the economy. The DNC's assumption that anyone outside Washington - or inside Washington, for that matter - cares about a silly logo only demonstrates their political tone deafness. "

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Honestly I thought this was a quote from the Onion, seriously......but it's not...



Whose idea was this? Obviously Chairman Tim Kaine is an android, because there is no way an actual human being wouldn't die of embarrassment midway through this announcement.

This had to be rushed, a "D" in a circle? How many drafts did they blow through to get to that masterpiece?....They didn't know how easy that would be to re-rebrand?







And my personal favorite...