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Why do liberals ratchet up the global warming nonsense when the world is at its coldest?

So Greenpeace is warning children around the world that Santa might not be able to do his job this year because of global warming...

How do you get children to believe in a cause rooted in fiction? Well, by enlisting another of their fictional (even if they don't know it yet) heroes.

It took them long enough to get there. I was WAY ahead of that curve with this graphic from three years ago!

Meanwhile, back in reality, the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Antarctica at -135.8 Fahrenheit!!!

These people are starting to become a parody of themselves...which conjured up memories of this other piece from a while back (also three years ago, I believe).

What has changed between then and now? The global warming cult is even more wrong today. Even climate experts who still drink the kool aid are contradicting liberals now.