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I'm chasing too many rabbits...

I started The Looking Spoon primarily for two reasons:

  1. In 2008 liberals would go on and on about how it was nearly impossible to make fun of Obama. Regulars to this site know the mission to debunk that heaping pile of crap has been a resounding success.

  2. From my time in college when I really started to become politically active all I wanted to do is figure how to make a career out of contributing my visual communication skills to the conservative movement. On graduation day that "dream" hit a brick wall of reality and I've settled for a career path I've never really wanted ever since...

    The Looking Spoon has served as an outlet for me to create and share works by myself and others (social media was in its infancy when I finished school and it made the efforts to do just that worthwhile in the first place). If I can't work for the cause then doing it for fun helped scratch that itch.

That said, I don't know for how long this will last, but I have to give it a rest for a while.

It may be that this is just the super slow part of the political cycle, and so I'm just having a harder time generating ideas and inspiration...

Really though, I think it's that after creating more than 1,700 graphics in four years (over 700 or them in 2012), I'm spent. Mentally and physically spent.

I have a family, and they get my (almost) undivided attention from the time I get home from work until everyone goes to bed. Then, usually from 11 or 12 at night until 2 or 3 (or as my wife sometimes complains, even later than that). I look for really great stuff others create, THEN I work on my contribution to the mix.

I did this, night in and night out, for the last four years because I LOVED it (and still do). It has come at a great cost not only to my general health (I've forgotten what "well rested" feels like), but also to my finances. I pay to have this thing hosted, I paid quite a bit for someone with the technical know how to build this image gallery and the warts it still has.

Until last January this site wasn't even monetized, now it just has simple ads (which I get VERY little for). I had to do it because I have to start justifying my time spent and bring some economic gain for my efforts to my family as it continues to grow (I had a son born 10 weeks ago on Father's Day).

I've had bigger bloggers notice. First was John Hawkins of Right Wing News, we have a simple partnership that really gave a lot more notice to TLS. I continue to be grateful for his contribution to TLS's efforts.

I've received calls from even bigger names (one being much bigger) about potential "collaboration." One of them was the kind of call I've been hoping to get from before I even started TLS. It would not only have been something that would take TLS to a whole new level, but it was also a chance to at least try to make a career out of this stuff. Months and months later neither opportunity has gone anywhere, and I'm not optimistic they will eventually work out either....that's life.

I haven't been able to get TLS to the point I had hoped I could get it to by now, and for my family's sake (and to a secondary degree, my own) I'm working on something else that might be more successful since it will be focused on actually making money instead of blogging. While this new project is separate and distinct from TLS, it will actually be somewhat complementary to it as well.

In any case, I can't continue to work on making new graphics and memes for online consumption here AND pursue this new project.

This site will absolutely remain active, I will still post images I find to the image gallery and spin it out to all of the social media avenues that I've worked so hard to grow. I sure hope others will log in and post to the image gallery and share what they find there with their friends as well. However, in addition to my break from personally creating graphics, this portion of the site (the blog) will cease to be updated for an indefinite period of time, starting today.