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Obama only picks losers...

This whole tragedy could have been avoided, but more than that Barack Obama shouldn't have put the prestige of the office of the President out on Trayvon Martin's limb. Which, to me, is the purpose of this graphic. (I know Morsi is there too, but the Martin side is more relevant at this point)

Obama executes on his Alinskyite tactics with pretty good precision, but that's only because the media covers up the dishonesty and never calls him out. The truth has always been the man is a complete fool. Narcissistic, charismatic, and just not that smart. Moments of truth like the Zimmerman verdict really bring this fact to light (particularly because he took "ownership" of Trayvon paternally).

That said, this will probably tick off some people, but I actually have a relatively even mind about the whole George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin ordeal. It's easy for people to pick one side over the other given the way the media and politicians all the way up to the president used this as an opportunity to polarize people on this and make it about racism.

People on Travon's side saw what they've been seeing happen to black people for a long time in America, that Trayvon wasn't actually all the much of a saint was irrelevant to the arguable injustice they saw.

People on Zimmerman's side see a case of "there you go again" with the liberal media and politicians erroneously painting this well-meaning guy as the next Grand Wizard of the KKK, and I think for a lot of people in the Zimmerman camp it became about giving those demagogues a well-deserved smack down.

The truth very likely lies somewhere in the middle. Trayvon wasn't a very good kid (especially the way the media painted him), but he didn't deserve to be killed. Zimmerman didn't deserve a guilty verdict for murder, but one can argue (playing Devil's advocate...assuming he truly didn't know what he was doing) he should probably be more adept at defending himself if he's going to patrol his neighborhood with a gun.

Whether Zimmerman's guilt is real or not it now rests between him and God, and unlike a jury in this life nothing gets by him. Hopefully people unhappy with the outcome can find solace in that. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly optimistic on that front.