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America Has Two Choices, And The Time For Choosing Is Now

When I was in college I had an illustration instructor who told us a philosophy that one of his instructors lived by on how the work of a commercial artist, is and how to use it to manage a clients expectations.

Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two

Truth be told, I didn't know Helen Thomas has hair

This country is on a course to forcing a similar choice Americans will have to make more and more urgent. I'm not talking about disingenuous choices like conservatives bitching about Obama golfing so much, as if we actually want him to going to work instead. I'm not even talking about silly inconseuqential choices, like which female liberal haircut is most stylish between Helen Thomas, Rachel Maddow, and Dennis Kucinich.

Conservatives have been talking about this particular choice for decades, and the future is now.

This isn't hypotheticals wrapped in high-minded rhetoric. California is now forcing online businesses that have any physical presence in the state to collect sales tax from business it does there. Here's why...

The legislation was intended to eliminate a perceived business impediment for brick-and-mortar retailers in the state, according to California Democratic Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, who helped develop the bill. State and local sales taxes can total 10 percent in some California cities, and big-box retailers like Wal-Mart complained that tax-free sales on Amazon were an unfair edge....

Bigger retailers like Amazon and Overstock will be able to deal with the taxes...But it could have a chilling effect on new companies and ideas. “It's the nascent businesses, too. The next, the next BlueNile. They won't make it out of the early startup phase.”

From Fox News

What are we going to put a premium on in this country?

This is a time for choosing that is more urgent than anything we've had, and the American people who can give you an summary of every episode of Dancing with The Stars before they can tell you what is in the Bill of Rights needs to begin being confronted with this reality....

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