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Liberal Scandal Death Match: Bill Clinton vs Anthony Weiner

The major reason conservatives can claim the moral high ground on these kinds of scandals is that we do not defend the offenders. On the other hand liberals, come hell or high water, will defend their guys to the death. Not even a confession breaks their focus.

I feel like there's a typo in his name. Is it Wei... or Wie...?

That's why Assony Weiner refuses to resign. He won't have to because the Democrats use a moral compass points south, and I don't mean Mexico.

They stood by Bill Clinton, and they were wrong there too. This got me to realize that the comparisons between the two scandals are pretty amazing, but who did theirs better?

It looks like Weiner edges out the former president by a nose his wiener! I know, it's not really a death match, unless the death referred to is the greatness of America as a reflection of it's "leadership."