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The International House of Obama Gaffes

So much for president perfect eh libs? I thought this was the guy that was going to restore our standing in the world! From the conservative standpoint his trip to Britain was a smashing success. A shorter way to put that is, "we told you so!"

He should open up a business...

The menu would be pretty robust:

    France: Enough already! If I wanted red "whine" I'd go to my local party meeting.

    India: "I'm not going anywhere near those dots, I've never had to connect any and I ain't starting now!"

    Japan: "Seriously? Just because I'm bowing in this gay bar doesn't mean I'm desperate!"

    Germany: "So whats up with Israel? Someone should really do something about I right?"

    Israel: "Umm, the Palestinians didn't cross the border, the border crossed them."

    Finland: "The camera crews are here now, what do you mean you didn't have time to build my ancestral home?"

    Turkey: "Michelle thinks it's probably unsafe for Americans to visit until they change their name to "Tofurkey."

    China: "I'm not going to lie, I can't tell the difference between Chinese debt and their food. I can't get full on either."

    Vietnam: "Man, that war sure does bring back America's good ol' days..."

    Greenland: "Is it safe to say that when I'm in that country my approval rating there is 100%?"

    Mexico: "If votes were money this joint would be my broken ATM"

    Canada: "Riddle me this...what's Canadian for the N-word? Hockey puck."

    Saudi Arabia: "Respect different cultures my ass! I'm not putting on that burka."

    United States: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..."

Which ones did I miss?