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New York's GOP Is Doing A Great Job Keeping The Elephants Away

The Dems picked off a strong GOP seat last night, and they want you to think it was about Medicare?

The Associated Press: Medicare Overhaul Proposal Causing GOP Stress

The New York Times: Democrat Wins GOP Seat; Rebuke Seen To Medicare Plan

Los Angeles Times: Medicare Proposal May Have Cost GOP A House Seat In New York

The Associated Press: Medicare Key To Shocking Dem Win In NY House Race

ABC News: Referendum On Medicare? Democrat Wins Special Election In GOP-Leaning NY-26

CBS: Kathy Hochul's Special Election Triumph Sends Republicans Ominous Medicare Message

h/t Mr. Pinko at iOwnTheWorld

Simple common sense should tell anyone that it would be complete nonsense that a seat that went GOP last fall to the tune of 73% would flip on Medicare. Especially in a Congressional election, one freshman member of congress has about as much clout as Al Gore would in asking the sun to turn it's thermostat up so he can stop looking like a liar.

An overwhelmingly Republican district simply isn't flipping it's vote by 23% on a singular issue that the person elected wont be consequential in deciding. It simply doesn't work that way.

There are two reasons the Democrats picked up NY-26 last night...

  1. Like all politics, it was local. Erick Erickson explains this beautifully at his Red State post here
  2. Simple math

I know liberals think when I say "math" they believe they can solve the equation by taking truth and spinning it like its a plate on a stick....but I'm talking real numbers, not the ones they use to say ObamaCare will reduce the our deficit...

On Tuesday, she captured 47 percent of the vote to Ms. Corwin's 43 percent, according to unofficial results. A Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, had 9 percent.

From The New York Times

Any idiot can see reason the GOP really lost last night. If the Tea Party didn't have a dog in the fight Corwin would've won if she received even just half of that vote. It would've been WAY closer than last November, but there were other mitigating factors that caused this.

Yes, Medicare is undeniably one of them as Houchul made it an issue and Corwin proved to be apparently quite feckless in her messaging, but all of this makes my point, the liberal media's headlines lyingly suggest this was a one-issue campaign.

I wonder how much they'll be gloating when Houchul will be forced to defend her seat against a Republican candidate that Republican voters in an overwhelmingly Republican district will get to choose, and not some buffoon hand picked by the party elites.

If the New York GOP continues to insist on special election nomination by pigheaded committee can they at least perform some kind of test to make sure the person they pick doesn't completely eff up a slam dunk? I don't care what it is....

    Catch a falling feather

    Count to 1

    Blink their eyes

    Be checked for a pulse

Anything...but please NY GOP, stop selecting candidates for these special elections that are proving they are less qualified for Congress and more qualified to be Vice President.