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Democrats Want Deficit Reduction By Only Taxing Stuff They Don't Like

It would be hilarious to see which baskets the Democrats put all of their eggs into when it comes to their rhetoric on debt reduction if it wasn't so sad. For the last few months it was all about raising taxes on the rich, and now they see oil in that thar capital hill.

What liberal media?

As the New York Times puts it the, Senate Refuses to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil. They REFUSED, the measure wasn't voted down, it was REFUSED, like it was dignity, offered up on a silver platter, to Charlie Sheen buried under a porn star dog pile.

The Senate on Tuesday blocked a Democratic proposal to strip the five leading oil companies of tax breaks that backers of the measure said were unfairly padding industry profits while consumers were struggling with high gas prices.

How unfair are they Democrats? On a scale of 1 to hypocrisy, how is profit taking unfair?

I'm not interested in being a shill for the oil industry, but this mentality of being entitled to the assets of a private business is something that bugs me for two reasons....

  1. If/when I run a business of my own I don't want liberals to be the arbiters of how much of my work is "fair" to be the entitlement of other taxpayers
  2. How on earth does lifting big oil's bottom line, by eliminating tax incentives, alleviate high gas prices?

The only thing worse than that is they can't even get their story straight about what they're trying to do. The article starts with calling them tax breaks and ends with the White House calling them subsidies. So which one is it?!? Tax break or subsidy?

The difference is like saying that Obama scored a 37 during an adventure to the bowling alley, and then shows a scorecard of 73 while bragging that he had his staffers actually remove the bumpers (or tax breaks) beforehand.

Under the proposal, Democrats would have eliminated five different tax breaks (remember Obama called them subsidies) enjoyed by the multinational oil companies, producing an estimated $21 billion over 10 years.

I know every dollar counts now when you have a deficit that's so high it causes lunar eclipses, but is it just me who is noticing that while the GOP is interested in focusing on the root causes of our spending problem, out-of-control entitlements, liberals are more interested in attacking, with taxes, things they don't like?

Close the deficit NOW by taxing renewable resources, like stupid things liberals say.

Why must they always despise the very aspects of our economy that actually drive it's success while focusing on preserving the parts that drain it?

That would be a lot harder to argue against if rich people and oil companies really could close the deficit, in the name of fairness to the Americans who pay little to literally nothing in comparison, of course....but Democrats think $2.1 billion annually in ASSUMED increased revenue must pass, or deficit reduction is put in jeopardy? Really?

How many times do liberals have to fail at the logic of economics before we take the poop they drop on the nation and rub their nose in it while yelling "NO!" "BAD DONKEY." AKA Jill Biden's nightly ritual with her husband.