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Our "Obviously Christian" President Honored Easter This Year!

Oh wait no...he didn't.

For Easter 2010, President Obama issued a proclamation that invited members of all other faiths, including atheists, to the resurrection party. Throughout the year he fawned on Muslim holidays, which he apparently let them keep to themselves.

This year for Easter President Obama gave Jesus a big thumbs up and told him to sit on it.

Barney Frank is obviously Christian because he turns the other cheek all the time...

That's right, our "obviously Christian" president didn't find the time to hat tip our savior to the nation on His (and everyone else's) most important day of the year.

Ok, he did have lunch with some pastors, and he also went to church, which is a clear indicator of his sincere faith...right....


Far be it from me to judge another's faith, especially when I don't know Obama as well as Friar Suck up there does, but when do "obviously Christian" people find the time to praise every faith but their own?

Conservatives aren't casting his faith in doubt, his actions are.

Why no Easter proclamation? Did his printer run out of ink? Did his copy of Word crash when he tried writing it in Arabic font (because NASA's outreach efforts just aren't good enough).

Liberals get in such a tizzy when polls show people think he's Muslim. The man has been quackin' like a Muslim, and this is a shock to them?!?

There's a reason we have labels, and nobody appreciates or exploits that better than liberals. In fact, their labels are their identity. Obama has always been liberalism's man of mystery, and they don't want the seduction to lose its magic...which may be why they are so allergic to the truth that he's not "obviously Christian."

Lets put it this way, when Barney Frank is in a room full of coeds does anyone doubt which kind of cleavage he's checking out?

Then Obama needs to stop giving the elevator eyes to Mohammed, because I'm not a big believer in coincidence, and the American voter isn't the only one taking notice...

That was from Easter Sunday night! No joke, you can see a couple more pictures of this "random" event here.