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Paul Ryan, A Monkey Wrench in the Liberal Waste Race

Who the hell does this Paul Ryan guy think he is? We were doing fine until he came out with this nonsense in the Wall Street Journal.

This was the Democrats Sputnik moment, the United States has been a world leader in a lot of things, but not nation ending debt. I'd love to say what happened in Greece put them in a cold sweat, but pigs can't sweat so they really had to get to work building up our debt because it's all about USA 'til YOU CAN'T PAY.

I wonder how George Stephanopolous and Arianna Huffington feel about all of this. Are they torn between their Greek homeland and the rush of the U.S. finally regaining its ability to crush the competition at something? Whose side will they fall on in the Great Waste Race.

And what about innovation? Yes we can, win the future of defaulting with the same old hackneyed welfare state pump up, but if Obama wants to walk the talk he'll need to come up with some more creative ways to piss away our fiscal integrity. This doesn't have to be an end unto itself either, there are ways to do this that help realize other "progressive" wet dreams to become reality.

    We could retrofit our money printers with a nozzle that blasts the money into the air, transport it to a cruise ship, and sail the arctic. If we don't "go green" restoring balance to the climate by blocking out the sun, we do it by making Greenland live up to its name with greenbacks.

    We could do away with all light bulbs by mandating a return of torches fueled with gas soaked money.

    We could encase Paul Ryan in a paper mache tomb, using only $100 bills, not unlike the size and scope of the Egyptian pyramids. Pending a successful outcome this process can be expanded to include all conservatives in the country.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Just think of all the good ideas that Democrats could come up with behind closed doors and 2000 pages to work with.

One option not on the table is brainwashing Congressman Ryan into becoming a fellow liberal. That option doesn't actually waste any money, much less even spend enough to beat Greece.