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Failed "Progressive" Intellect

For the uninitiated, this is Markos Moulitsas (the Daily Kos guy), the Rush Limbaugh of "progressive" bloggers. This video is part of a series that was made back in 2008 "Failed Conservative Values." (Since I just found it - thanks iOwnTheWorld - let's talk about it now!)

I triple dog dare you watch this video in it's entirety...

If you checked out at 0:15 because you got nausea when Kos's eyes almost popped out when he started "thinking," all is forgiven. I personally had one of those "never again" moments, which then gave me PTSD flash backs to my first year away at college when I hooked up with a bottle of Bacardi.

This was worse. If you visit the IOTW link above you'll see two videos that are even more horrendous than this one.

One man's landfill is another professor's university

Liberals spew a lot of garbage, and this was the worst kind. I call it styrofoam logic, because its not useful for very long, easily disposable, and because its not biodegradable throwing it away from the world just creates a landfills of intellectual garbage.

Oh, and it can't stand the heat, so a flame will easily vaporize it.

Kos said a lot, but the thesis, if it's even possible to assign one to this meandering rant, is "conservatives are delusional."

Conservatives want to shrink government, therefore they create a "sh*tty government" to manufacture the illusion it doesn't work so they can have an excuse to eliminate swatches of it?

That sounds a little convoluted, I'll rephrase it a bit and hopefully it will make more sense....

Conservatives, according to Kos, think there should be less government, so when the voters put them in charge of it they dazzle them with intentional incompetence in order to justify arguments to shrink it.

To prove this point Kos uses FEMA to remind the camera, and his imagination, that Bush succeeded in this goal by appointing someone not at all qualified to direct it, Mike Brown, who then went on to botch the handling of Hurricane Katrina.

As we all remember, Bush promply used this failure of government to disband FEMA (because he didn't want to let this crisis go to waste) and award Brown the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Democrats were left so speechless by this fantastically successful coup of conservatism that they were completely unable to use it against Bush or the GOP for the remainder of Bush's presidency. This cemented the reign conservative government shrinking terror in a way Harold Ramis and Disney could've never dreamed up when they teamed up to film "Honey I Shrunk The Kids."

Who is the one suffering delusion here?

This is one of the brightest becons of "progressive" intellect out there people! He just told you conservatives screw up ON PURPOSE to score ideological points. It doesn't get more illogical than that!

"Vote for us so we can bumble bureaucracy into oblivion."

What kind of reelection campaign message is that?!? Why would conservatives want to screw up only to provoke voters into vomiting them out of office, thus bringing in liberals who will go hog wild, like they did after 2008, and "undo" all the apparent progress that was made?

Circling back to Disney, where the heck were guys like Kos when Walt was trying to put together Fantasy Land? I mean, even Lewis Carroll would kill his buzz.

Conservatives don't wish to see a smaller scope of government for the sake of it. This belief stems from the notion that market driven solutions, spurred by competition, do more to improve lives and responsiveness to peoples' needs more than anything government can do. The superior results of this system, juxtaposed against a monopolistic bureaucratic system with no accountability because it has no higher power to be accountable to, is the 800 pound gorilla that the left ignores because THEY are the delusional ones.

All one has to do to understand this is true is compare their "customer" service experience at any private sector business against their interaction with any government agency. The result is something that has been such a truism for decades now that I could have rested my case there and saved myself a few hundred words.