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Scandalous Politician

Its been quite a while since I've posted something I've come across in the wild west of the blogosphere that caught my fancy.

Lucky unemployed bastards :-P

This was sent to me by the fellas over at The Daily Zing, a conservative leaning humor blog. They actually do the same kind of stuff I do here, but this video takes a lot of extra time and effort I don't have because I have to go to a day job to pay my bills, the govnerments bills, and after I'm done doing that I pay the governments bills some more...not necessarily in that order either.

Its called Scandalous Politician...which to me is a title that is probably twice as long in word count than necessary.....but then again maybe its just trying to capture the spirit of redundancy that is government.

In any case, enjoy the video. Both sides get skewered, if you don't like seeing Republicans get theirs the video starts blasting the Dems around the halfway point and ends on that high note. Hope it gives you a little bit of a chuckle like it did for me.