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GOP Tax Hawks or Terrorists? What the Heck, They Both Start with 'T'

RollCall reports how these Dems are becoming totally unhinged over tax cuts. Here's a gem of wisdom from New Jersey's Bob Menendez (my editorial comments are in yellow)...

"Do you allow yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done, when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results? It's almost like the question of do you negotiate with terrorists," Menendez said when asked whether he and other Democrats would accept a compromise with Republicans.Ok, I see it, which terrorist is the GOP most like Bobby? Are they like low level flunkies or big guns like KSM or even Osa - wait a sec.....WTF are you talking about dude?!?

Republicans are like terrorists because they want the current tax rate to remain unchanged in a "recession"...which I have to put in quotes because we're technically not in one (ha ha ha).

Just kidding Dems, I don't have a spidey-sense

Is it me or does is anyone else's spidey-sense tingling that Boenher might be a gnat's hair away from waking up with a bloody elephant head in his bed?

But wait theres more! Look at the two cents future 1-term senator Claire McCaskill has to say on the matter...

McCaskill likewise lambasted Republicans, accusing them of putting the wealthy ahead of the middle class I thought a rising tide lifted ALL ships and warning that if Republicans win the debate over tax cuts "it really is time to take up pitchforks."

Good luck snatching them from the Tea Party lady. To be fair, the Dems may actually have a claim to them since they were made with their names on it. Maybe they can sick Obama on us if you want to take them away, it takes quite a grip to bowl a 37, I'm sure that will come in really handy (pun intended) for you guys now.

I treally just seem now like Dems want a tax hike like Obama wants to feed fat people salads. Its not really for our own good so much as they just NEED to be "right."

I would say this really just boils down to being a pissing contest, but I don't know how that works when one side can't do it without sitting, and the other side is the GOP.

h/t Memeorandum