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Carter 'Helps' Obama Deal With North Korea

From Politico

Former President Jimmy Carter planned to meet with President Obama on Tuesday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed. 

Carter had planned to meet with the White House’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon. Obama then asked Carter if he would stop by for a meeting, Gibbs told reporters on Tuesday. 

Gibbs wouldn’t say if Carter’s visit was related to North Korea. 

“That is all I know, and I will try to find more,” Gibbs said before leaving the briefing room.

What, are we at Defcon 0 and all the real leaders were busy washing their hair?

Obama must be desperate if he wants to consult with Jimmy Carter on dealing with North Korea (or anything). Maybe if they can rub their Nobel Peace Prizes together a genie will pop out and solve their problems:


O: Hello gentlemen! I am the Peace Genie

O: Oh heck, now we've done it.

O: Why does he look like Ronald Reagan?

O: Because I'm the Peace Genie

O: More like a crazy magic warmongering no talent-

O: Say what sissy?

O: Nothing sir! Its not 1980, there's no place like '76, there's no place like '76

O: Are you crying Jimmy?

O: He'll get over it, how can I serve you today?

O: Huh?

O:Do you guys want the wish you're entitled to?

O: I thought genies give three wishes

O:Only liberal genies do that, it usually takes a couple of tries before they get it right.

O:Are you trying to tell me magic liberals are screw ups? I find that hard to believe.

O: LOOK! Do you want your wish of a lifetime or what?

O: I do I do! Hot damn let me get my teleprompter!

O: *SOB* I wish I could've won that second term

O:Oh boy...a deals a deal

O: You're STILL here?

O: Ooookay, I'm back, what should we wish for? I have needed a better golf handicap for a while now or I could just ask for a better overall swing and - where did that Soviet flag come from?

O: You can thank your boy over there.

O: A vodka cabinet?!? Where's my MLK bust? Jimmy, what did you do?

O: He wished to finish what he started

O: What about my golf swing?!?


O: Huh? Oooooooooh, you mean East Soviet China...


Problem solved!