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Destined to be World's Worst Parents?

I debated whether I wanted this any attention. But I know I have a lot of pro-life friends out there that might want to vote at

Basically a couple is putting to an internet vote whether or not they should abort their child. I don't know the motivation, but as of this writing abortion is winning.

I haven't voted yet, because I don't know if I really want to be another log on these a-holes fire. I might, to counter the jerks evil enough to tip it over to "abort."

Part of me hopes this is some sort of pro-life stunt, to make a point this country hates abortion. The current tally doesn't make it look that way though.

Voting ends December 7.


When the post was initially written Friday evening life was winning by A LOT, something to the tune of 80-20. So a lot of people who get jollies off of voting for infanticide have had a very busy weekend.