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Rand Paul Spanks Eliot Spitzer

The judges will also accept "Rand Paul Turns Spitzer Into Client Number 10."

Even without guys like Rubio and Toomey here is reasons 1, 2, and 3 as to why the United States Senate will be a SIGNIFICANTLY better institution come next year...

Its clear what Spitzer was trying to do. He presented a premise (in this case it was a false one), Paul knocked that premise out of the park. Spitzer then tried to make it stick anyway by reiterating it and making it the last word before moving on to the next point of the discussion, and Paul simply wouldn't let him do it.

This shows what an amateur Spitzer is, Bill O'Reilly is the master of pulling that tactic off. If he wants to work on his television debate chops he should probably watch some (cough)Fox News(cough) everyone else.

Good game Idiot-I mean the way nice use of "filibuster," thats a funny kind of word isn't it....must feel weird not using that word as some sort of Client Number 9 euphemism.

h/t iOwnTheWorld