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Top 10 reasons Al and Tipper Gore Split Up

I've seen a few of these already that I thought were ok...hopefully this one is better than the rest!

10. She realized his "I love you's" were only sincere when she was standing in front of a mirror

9. Tipper was tired of hearing him recall old Vietnam stories written by his speech writers

8. Al was way too obsessed with BUSH that's not Tipper's

7. They hadn’t had sex in so long Al started calling her “The Lock Box”

6. Tipper disagreed that spicing up the bedroom with role-playing fantasies should include "winning Florida"

5. They started to doubt their compatibility after their very first kiss at the 2000 DNC

4. Tipper was forced to sleep on the couch to make room on the bed for Al's Oscar, and the Academy Award he won for An Inconvenient Truth

3. "First one to divorce his wife is a rotten egg!" said Bill Clinton

2. She realized El Niño is Al's love child with Mother Nature

1. Divorce was payment for her silence on the global warming fraud