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Liberals Will Boycott Arizona As Soon As They Can Find It

I tell ya...sometimes liberals write the material for me and make my job way too easy...Especially with any debate to be had on non-debatable issues such as the allowance of illegal immigration.

Nothing more easily put truth to the lie of this notion that liberalism is the intellectually superior ideology (that they push on the world) than to hear the kind of grasping at straws reasoning for why we should allow such things.

Listen to this latest excuse from Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, a Democrat, as she describes why she opposes Arizona's SB1070 and supports a boycott of the state...

Wow...Why can't these people just be honest and say they want illegals to be allowed to vote for them?

For the record, Obama is reason infinity counted twice.

I think this can be counted as reason number infinity as to why liberals shouldn't be in charge of stuff, like, ever again. If a basic geographical understanding that Arizona is a border state then how is she going to begin to grasp relevant fiscal issues such as taxation and its effects on an economy?

Maybe she meant in surf boarder...and the surf of any body of water is certainly "a ways removed" from the border of Arizona.

Oh...and how about the guy that corrected her? How unnecessarily polite was he? If there is ever a time to break decorum and just go off on a moron that was it.

It has never been said that conservatives are the kind of useful idiots Lenin spoke of, which may be why there is such a concerted effort to edge them out of education by people who would rather have someone like him in charge. I also think "Peggy" is probably not the best name for such an idiotic woman, she probably forgets all the time whether she's a one "g" or two "g" type of ggal gal.