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Asses Barry Kicked

A fun trend on Twitter called #AssesBarryKicked has been making the rounds, here's a partial and evolving list (a mix of humor and serious):

My List

American Medicine
The Dem Majority
Media whores
Clean oceans
Golf tees
Government Motors
Presidential decorum
Glistening presidential pecs
Respect for Supreme Court
National Security
Accepting fault (Bush's fault)
His daughters at Stratego
America's backbone
Martha Coakley’s Senate Campaign
Staying classy
Jihad (the word, not the ideology)
Tax cuts
The Olympics in Chicago
Memorized speeches
The dollar
Jimmy Carter's legacy

My favorites from Twitter:

The salute
37 bowling pins
“The fools who voted for him”
Marine “Corpse” men
Mom Jeans
The idea that experience doesn't matter
Jon Corzine's gubernatorial campaign
Democrats on November 2, 2010
America's 57 States

Comment below with your contributions.