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Why I Didn't Do Draw Mohammad Day

When South Park depicted Mohammad in a bear costume it was a brilliant piece of satire about how unreasonable Muslims can be about images of him. They were basically saying, this is Mohammad, but not really because he is covered in bear costume, so don't riot and kill people because we technically didn't do anything wrong according to the rules that exist in your crazy head.

Those guys raised awareness about how irrational this issue is in a way that was funny, sharp, brilliant, and it made a very good point.

While I have no problem with others who participated in "Draw Mohammad Day" I'm not sure much of what I saw came even remotely close to accomplishing the same thing....I'm sure it wasn't supposed to. I did see one piece here that made me say ".....ok, I got that."

Don't get me wrong, regulars to this blog know I'm obviously all for being a smart-ass, but I feel like the artists (or "artists") should have striven to not reduce themselves to the same level as those who thought it was great to photograph crucifixes submerged in urine.

There is A LOT of fun to be poked at Islam, I just don't think desecrating their prophet is a very effective path to take.

To each their own, but that's why I didn't participate in "Draw Mohammad Day."