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It's the Cathartic Harry Reid Rant

I did a rant on Obama last month that was pretty well received...

Well, this is a new month and I've honestly had about as much of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as I can take, and while I know the timing on this one is a bit off...I didn't want to let it go much longer because if I don't find a release Iran's nuclear program is about to have a lot of its thunder stolen from them.

I know Harry is from a town called Searchlight, but this guy is so dim the town needs to hold a vote to change its name to Nightlight. A rising tide lifts all ships, but the Sahara Desert has more water than the Senate has IQ points under Reid's control.

Hold your tongue and say "apple", now do it saying "Daschle"

I also know this comes across as blasphemous since Senator John Thune of South Dakota is one of the all important crew of 41 Republicans in the senate, but I'm starting to believe he owes the country a huge apology for beating Tom Daschle in 2004 and thrusting Harry Reid as a leader of the United States senate on us all.

Speaking of apologies.....Nevada.....what the WHAT you guys?!? Were the slot machine beeping a little too loud when Reid told you all the "reasons" you should vote for him?

You're supposed to blow it on Obamacare

That isn't going to work in 2010. The casinos are practically silenced because of the recession and his President has been telling people, in a clean, articulate, non-negro dialectical way , not to blow their money at them.

So now their listening...and 36 percent of Nevadan's still haven't figured out what idiots they are.

And man oh man that eagle eye of his spotting the "fact" that unemployed men cope by beating up their wives is almost more ridiculous than the pronouncement that Obama can use his "negro dialect" whenever he wants to.

Like just about everyone else in the country I'm no stranger to the recession and I spent the better part of a year looking for work after being laid off twice in the span of 6 I have a confession...

While I was unemployed I almost punched my wife once, and that was because Harry Reid was on television talking about something stupid (aka normal), and at that moment she happened to be between me and my Nancy Pelosi stress pillow....

Liberal womanizers need your defense more than I need your crap.

Obviously this is a joke, and if you can take our government you can definitely take a joke. So calm down National Organization for Women.

Let me be clear Harry, I know, unequivocally, there is never an adequate enough reason to hit a woman, which is precisely why you will always be safe from me. And if you ever manage to figure out where you manhood went you can go back to hiding behind your glasses.