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Random Thought on Ron Paul Winning The CPAC Straw Poll

He kind of won by a lot too!

Where does this tiny but mightily vocal minority come from?!? Maybe you should go to work for Mr. Pibb. People will still prefer Dr. Pepper, but at least they'll know they have an option they'll never want.

Donald Trump isn't exactly my first, or millionth, choice for president, but he's smart enough to know what the rest of the country knows....Ron Paul ain't going be president!

Sorry if this upsets Paul supporters, but I'm pretty sure that in 2008 I got more votes than he did. You just don't know when to fold 'em do you?

But hey, congrats on winning a straw poll. That, Obama's hope and a nickel get you something just north of 5 cents.

On the bright side I guess its better than the pole strippers get (yes, I know theirs is spelled differently, just go with it).