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An Out Of This World Breitbart Painting

You can buy this, there are different levels of pricing based on what you want or can afford. 50% of all profits go to The Andrew Breitbart Children's Trust.


It turns out this painting was plagiarized from another one done for the video game Assassins Creed. h/t doktorzoom in the comments for the heads up. I looked at the post he links to (by the good "doktor") and I think it clearly plagiarism. Regulars to this site know how I feel about that being a victim (so to speak) of it myself fairly regularly.

To play devil's advocate (but this should in no way be construed as justification) it's not a apples to apples example of plagiarism. The Breitbart painting had quite a bit of the details in the armor changed to make it look original, and while it's generally frowned upon this type of copying is not unheard of in the comic book world.

That said, the post will stay up, because regardless I still like the image. However, the store putting it on sale has removed it, so that link is now gone.

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It's Funny How The Definition Of A Job Title Changes Through Time

I guess NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't get any sleep at night because he's too busy trying to figure out how he can run your life. And soda is next on the list...

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Who Wants To Play Twister With Clinton?

From It's Big Fur Hat (BFH's new home away from his iOwnTheWorld home, and it's hilarious)

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There Was Once A Time When Obama Was Young And Dumb

Now he's just dumb...

This is the perfect candidate for Attack Watch 2.0.

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Like A Horse To Water, You Can Lead A Man To Congress...

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Before Obama Was President, He Started Off As A Sidekick

Found the photo on Facebook. If anyone know's who did the original Photoshop then leave a link in the comments.

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It's Ok For Obama To Say "Polish Death Camp"

If you're not up to speed, get the story about Polish death camps here, and about Obama's supreme knowledge of Judaism here and here.

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A Real Polish Death Camp

If you're not up to speed, get the story here.

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Spell Checking Obama...

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Entitlements Aren't Rights

From the Bastiat Institute

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