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There Is One Farmer God Did Not Create...

If you were in a coma yesterday and hadn't heard about the Super Bowl commercial this references you can see it here.

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The Funniest Obama Shooting A Gun Photoshop

I've seen a lot of good ones, but this one from SooperMexican really made me laugh (out loud) a lot.

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The Photo Of Obama Shooting A Gun May Have Been Altered To Look Like Skeet Shooting

Just a theory...

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How Does Obama's Skeet Shooting Measure Up?

Well, let's see...

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The Point At Which Obama's Skeet Shooting Becomes Illegal...

I don't normally post on the weekend, but the White House released a photo of Obama skeet shooting. Apparently, we're not allowed to spoof it, which I guess is their opening salvo on the first amendment now...anyway, I can't resist.

I'm sure the gun experts will have something to say about my "technique", but I think the point comes across...

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The Mainstream (Liberal) Media Explained In Six Pictures

Click the image to see it at full size.

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Yet Another Candidate For The Official Movie Of Obama's Second Term

By the time we reach 2016 there will probably be a veritable library of them. I came up with this and this, and then I found this great piece on Facebook.

I can't find a site for B-dog Toons, or else I'd link to them.

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There's Reason Ted Cruz's Questions To Chuck Hagel Angered And Confused Democrats

He's been a senator for only a few days and he's already rocketing to the top as a Republican star...which is admittedly a low bar lately. Check out the full video at The Right Scoop.

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