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Liberalism in one minute: Faux intellect, wrapped in ignorance, and doused in group think.


This is a post that is out of the norm for TLS, but I have to do it...

This post is about liberalism's (lack of) intelligence, but before going forward I should qualify that I only think they're stupid in matters of politics and the ways of the world. Liberals have made brilliant artists, musicians, actors, yadda yadda yadda. I know some (even many) liberals who could school me all day long in certain subject matters, nobody is all-knowing, even if they think they are.

That said, anytime I find out someone I know who isn't particularly political (to my knowledge) claims to be a fan of NPR I always get highly suspicious.

Like law enforcement flashing a badge, liberals think invoking NPR forces people to assume a level of intellectual authority that implies above-average intelligence at a minimum, if not sheer genius.

They think that because they've been made to believe liberalism is the ideology religion of superior intellect. Given they never allow it to be challenged. The only reason I can image they feel this way is that it gets put on a pedestal for other liberals to admire (they think, but really all the other liberals are keeping an eye on THEIR OWN intelligence they've put on a pedestal), as if public discourse is like an art museum. The absolute only interaction one is allowed to have with it is to look at it.

They can't touch it.

They can't take flash photos of it.

And they sure as hell can't question the motivations and intentions of its creator. (that should be reserved to the God they don't believe in)

They must think that if pristine condition is a mark of superiority for, say, a car, then why not for the human brain? (Who wants all that pretty pink stuff to turn into gray matter? YUCK!)

Why am I saying all of this, because this is one minute of NPR golden goodness is liberalism stripped to its very foundation...

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The potential silver lining to comparing Obama to Mandela...


Liberals should be careful what they wish for...

h/t Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History!

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Why do liberals ratchet up the global warming nonsense when the world is at its coldest?


So Greenpeace is warning children around the world that Santa might not be able to do his job this year because of global warming...

How do you get children to believe in a cause rooted in fiction? Well, by enlisting another of their fictional (even if they don't know it yet) heroes.

It took them long enough to get there. I was WAY ahead of that curve with this graphic from three years ago!

Meanwhile, back in reality, the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Antarctica at -135.8 Fahrenheit!!!

These people are starting to become a parody of themselves...which conjured up memories of this other piece from a while back (also three years ago, I believe).

What has changed between then and now? The global warming cult is even more wrong today. Even climate experts who still drink the kool aid are contradicting liberals now.

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Did you know the Obama/Castro handshake was photobombed by another liberal celebrity?


I'm sure Christiane Amanpour thought these words during the CNN broadcast of Mandela's memorial were about as brilliant as they come.

It says this is a moment of re reconciliation for Mandela. And President Obama is doing the diplomatic thing. He's not just going to walk by and ignore these people who are there....This is a man (Mandela), it is so true, who brought people together in life and he continues to bring people together today. He continues to bring people together in death.

Really though, one has to wonder bringing all these leftist/communist kindred spirits together...

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An Obama exchange we can all get excited about calling...


h/t iOwnTheWorld

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Can a "Holiday" cookie really take you out of commission for an entire day?


Yesterday I had what is seemingly becoming a perennial 1-day December flu (as it has been the third time in the last four years I've had it at this exact time). I was able to get one post off, and then spent the rest of the day bed-ridden because any movement whatsoever made things much worse.

I don't know why this happened. I did have a Christmas Holiday (Marxmas?) cookie the night before (below), but that couldn't be the problem. I mean a cookie can't make you violently ill...


Well, I'm feeling almost 100% today, so back to work I go!

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What if Ron Burgundy was a propagandist for Obamacare? It might go something like this.


I saw the first Anchorman. While I think Will Ferrell is a funny guy, I never developed the cult-like admiration that his movies seem to enjoy...

Anyway, I think this little bit put together by Doug Ross is hilarious, and SO appropriate.

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Biden contributes to the war on Christmas by debating its meaning...

A repost from last Christmas Eve, and the one before that. It's a personal favorite that must be seen. It's a very special Christmas tale where Joe Biden finally wins a debate....sort of.

If you're a Christian keep in mind that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you're NOT a Christian keep in mind that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Here's a nifty pie chart to illustrate how well Obama's tribute to Mandela went...for Obama


Got this from Andrew Malcolm ad IBD, check his column out here.

This isn't any surprise from the guy who honored Rosa Parks a few days ago like this...

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Liberals would have NEVER been able to establish Christmas for two simple reasons...


Created this for my Tumblr blog, American Awkward.

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