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The Liberty Of The Second Amendment Isn't A "Need" For Guns, It's Something Much More Important...

Ann Coulter has rubbed conservatives the wrong way quite a bit lately, but she's still on the right team...and her latest column is a grand slam.

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A List Of Places Where Liberalism Has Actually Worked Out

It's a pretty true list...

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Four Simple Words Explain To Democrats Why Health Insurance Is Now More Expensive...

I didn't take the screenshots (I found them on Facebook), but I added the graphic text and the new avatar, so I'm taking credit for that :-)

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There's A Reason An MSM Reporter Like Bob Woodward Is Just Now Figuring Out Obama's "Madness"

Yes, he used the word "madness." After years of enduring insanity at the White House saying so is just now making headlines...

Oh, and the White House told him he'd regret it. See the email here.

Welcome to the club, Bob.

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This Prescription Would Be A Good Start For A Liberal's Road To Recovery.

Personally I would skip right to a straight jacket and a locked padded room with a lost key...

From Fly Over Culture.

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Instead Of Cutting Waste Obama Uses Sequester Cuts To Give A Gift To One Of His Constituencies

This. Is. Real. And everyone needs to know it. Get the full story at Fox News, with some great commentary at Hot Air.

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If You Believe The President Is The "Boss" Of America Here's A Bit Of Education For You...

This should be shown to Chris Rock.

Visit the Facebook page behind this graphic here.

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