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Biden Gets Debate Prep From Big Bird?

h/t iOwnTheWorld

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Biden's Debate Prayer

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It's Probably Over When Obama's Press Secretary Can't Avoid Beclowning Himself

As if the terrible economy and the Orwellian-type lies being told by Obama's administration on unemployment aren't disaster enough for him, the Benghazi terror attack is becoming the exclamation point at the end of America's leftist prison sentence.

Even Obama's chief BS'er can't do it anymore. Hot Air gathers the evidence here.

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Obama Really Needs To Recover From His Debate Thrashing...

Not for America's sake...

From Michael Ramirez

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The Benghazi Attack Reveals How Fragile Obama Really Is

See the story at Hot Air here.

H/t to Milton Wolf whose tweet on the subject had a hand in inspiring this post.

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Big Bird Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

It's safe to say at this point that like every other meme the Obama campaign has tried to make stick this is another that has been easily dispensed with and thrown onto the ash heap.

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Biden's Debate Sparring Partner

From Hope 'N Change.

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This Is How We know Obama Is Losing The Debate (and the election)

Simple, to the point, true.

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The 15-and-a-half Most Overrated White People

If you want to see the list and its shoddy reasoning check it out at Legal Insurrection (I'm not giving Huffington Post the link, and thus undeserved traffic on this race-baiting garbage)

Not holding my breath on the cries of racism that will come from hypocritical liberals...

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Biden's Debate Prep

From iOwnTheWorld.

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