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When Dissent Is And Isn't Patriotic

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The Real Problem With Rob Portman's Flip Flop On Marriage

As Senator Rob Portman has demonstrated, people are entitled to their opinions as much as they are entitled to change their mind. While I remain someone who supports traditional marriage I too have recognized that the momentum away from it is unstoppable (and at our own peril). It's why I don't spend a lot of time and brain damage on it. Of the moral decay plaguing America and the world this one issue is impossible to sway people because those who don't believe there are inherent differences in gender that impact the raising of a child will simply not see a fundamental difference in gay vs. straight marriages and relationships.

Marriage is the foundation of civilization, those of us who don't believe it should be messed with are willing to hold that position against increasingly impossible headwinds because...IT'S. THAT. IMPORTANT.

The problem with Portman's flip on this is how easily it came to him. His constituency extends beyond his own household, and his power is beholden to them, not his son. There are gay people in my life who I care for and love deeply. You can love gay people and not agree with their grand plan for changing marriage if you think it's important enough.

Apparently it wasn't so for Portman, and Big Fur Hat over at iOwnTheWorld raises a very legitimate question and Althouse raises another about the revelation that he's a really squishy guy.

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Where Democrats Go To Clear Their Mind


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Dianne Feinstein Has To Say She's "Not A Sixth Grader" Because She's Not As Smart As One

So Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the ultimate gun hypocrite, had a big dust up with Ted Cruz over the second amendment and the constitutionality of her anti-gun crusade (which she sets aside when applying for her own concealed carry permit).

See more on this at Hot Air and Weekly Standard.

Her answer was as idiotic as it gets. Rather than argue whether or not gun control is constitutional she decides to brag about how she's been a Senator for 20 years and a mayor before that, like that has any relevance to the question.

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If You Build It, Democrats Will Make Sure "They" Will Come

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