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Why it really is unfair to compare Obamacare to the Titanic...


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There's a very logical reason for why the liberal establishment thinks conservatives are crazy...

Created for my Tumblr blog, American Awkward


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Nobody would mind it if a Marine held this umbrella for Obama

Brilliant! From Earl of Taint.

Definitely a WDITOT (why didn't I think of that) piece!


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Political correctness is for chumps...It's time to be culturally correct (11 images)

You may have noticed the banner at the top with the snarky t-shirts, that's the project that caused me to take a "leave" from TLS for a couple of months. It's also going to be a reason why future posting will be relatively lighter for some time. aims to be a place to buy creative and humorous stuff with a conservative message. Right now it's only shirts, but I'm working on getting other things into the mix as well.

I'm not just trying to sell stuff, I also have pages on Tumblr (follow me here) and Facebook (like the page here) that post "culturally correct" content that wouldn't be a good fit at TLS.

I'm also using this to focus on original graphics based more on iconography and illustration rather than the Photoshop work and memes normally seen here. I also want to try to create pieces here that will be a bit more timeless conceptually, as most memes tend to be more of a snapshot in time.

Here are some of the original designs that you can find on shirts and elsewhere on the site(s). If you like this stuff you can keep up with me by following CC via the links above.

I hope you will!

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So what do liberals dress up as for Halloween? (10 images)

Here's a compilation of "costumes" liberals have adorned on this blog over the years...

Happy Halloween!

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This Halloween Obama's costume will be a real president

Re-posting a perennial and personal favorite...

At this point the mask could be any of O's predecessors, even Jimmy Carter.


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Obamacare helps illustrate the ULTIMATE hypocrisy of liberals on politics and religion

Brevity is the soul of wit, and that's the brilliance of memes like this one.

This has been something that frustrates me on a personal level, because for years and year and years we listen to liberals go on about conservative Christians being intolerant, uncaring Bible-thumpers while they brag about being given over to "FREE thinking" atheism (or at a minimum a secular world with religion is neither seen nor heard) where real charity is allowing government to provide healthcare for FREE.

Heh, yeah...FREE

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We don't need Congressional hearings, Obamacare's failure can be summed up in one word bubble

There's a lot of chatter about today's Congressional hearings with HHS Secretary Sebelius on the crappy launch of Obamacare.

It's a waste of time. Democrats don't care that it's a mess, it was designed to be that way. Liberals are already trying to spin it as the conservative compromise (even though not one Republican, even the RINOs voted no) and that single payer is the REAL solution.

That's the endgame, and they've never been shy about hiding it.

The real explanation for why Democrats have failed America on this is a lot simpler and less time consuming than a congressional hearing...

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The Dictionary of Liberalism: 1st Edition (6 images)

Last week I had a random thought that came up with the word "libnorant" (see that post here)...Now iOwnTheWorld has another one that's WAY better...

It has me thinking I should start putting together a pictorial Dictionary of Liberalism.

Here are the first four entries plus Libnorant. Updates will come as ideas come to me.

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This is when you know a sham and a disaster of a presidency comes full circle...

I did a piece on how little Obama really knows earlier today (see it here), but this is GREAT, from iOwnTheWorld.

If we had a mainstream media with the level of honesty they're kinda sorta putting on display now this president would've gone the way of Nixon already.

I's BAD when the central piece of your presidential legacy becomes a parody of a parody.

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