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Just Take a Pill

Apparently this is a couple of weeks old now, but I just found it so now you get to hear my take on it.

This video is being billed as Obama saying the above title to the daughter of a woman who is now 105 years old, whose life was prolonged by a pacemaker she received when she was 100. Her question for Obama was long winded and not terribly direct (which tells me she's either a college professor, politician, or Sean Penn in drag).

His response was, much like his choice of Joe Biden to be VP, even worse than expected.

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In layman's terms...

Woman: President B.O., will other 100 year olds get the same chance at extending her life under your plan that they have under the current system?

President B.O.: Hope....well, to sum up my answer, change, in a couple of words, you mom would be sh!t out of luck....yes we can.

Woman: Ok,President B.O.  Say...does your health care plan stink because your name is all over it?

See what happens when he goes off prompter?!?

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What I learned on my trip to Europe

There is nothing that can remind you that there is no place to live that is better than the good ole USA. Even when visiting first world nations like those in Europe there are constant reminders that you are getting a second or third rate quality product.

I have never understood why some (usually on the left, and by usually I mean almost totally) romanticize the continent so much. If I had a dime for every time someone bemoans to me about how much better Europe is AND they have never actually been there I could single-handedly end the recession and pay off our national debt. (I'm not exaggerating, in a world where George Bush is Hitler, Al Gore is a meterologist, and CNN is a news network...this is literally true)

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Who's Bad...No Really, I Don't Know Anymore

I don't want to belabor the issue or really go on about Michael Jackson or Sarah Palin and the activity (or rather, inactivity) that their names will be encountering...its gone on quite enough already. Both, in my humble opinion, have been celebrated way to much for being made out to be way more than they really are....Kind of like Krispy Kreme donuts, whipped cream, The Rolling Stones, high school prom, John Lennon, chocolate ice cream, and Lindsay Lohan nipple slips.

The one difference of course is I would be happy to host Palin as a guest in my home....and the same would be true of Jackson if by home I mean prison and by host I mean warden. Which brings me to the title of this post...we seem confused about who to celebrate.

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Back From Vacation

Man oh man did a lot of crap happen while I was away. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Cap and Trade, Sarah Palin.....some chick with 8 kids is getting a divorce (I was assured over and over again it wasn't between Octomom and the voice in her head).

As I have just returned from being on the other side of the world I'll need a few days to get back up to speed...and I look forward to it!

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Iran for President and I Lost...Deal With It?

All this anger over the Iranian election mystifies me since we've always known the fix was in....its Iran. Did anyone really expect the "reform" candidate to win?

What reform? Is the crackdown on convenience stores selling forbidden pornographic material like "Beautiful Burkas," "Toenails of Tempation," (the version that doesn't show them clipped, of course) or the super controversial "Her Hairline" magazines finally going to end? (by the way, over there convenience stores are called "stores")

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a man who assured that homosexuality isn't much of an issue in Iran because there are no finding evidence to support his description of "free and healthy" elections is something that could stump God Himself.

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Paris McCain

I intended for the one post I wrote last April about Meghan McCain to really be the only one I write about this political celebutante. However, I caught some of the tweets of her Twitter feed today, the one year anniversary of her officially becoming a registered Republican, and I think she'll have to become a more regular target since she is making brazen plays for power in the Republican Party. I suspect the tweets I found are not only regular for her, but they are particularly irritating to read coming from someone who hasn't even begun to pay her dues.

No jokes for this one...just real straight talk, so take notes John.

Tweets from the her twitter feed June 12:

"I agree we've lost our way, but were going to rebuild and people like Governor Huckabee are not going to be the ones to guide us..."

I don't understand people that still deny there is a branding problem going on within the party, what more proof do they need?!?

this is one of those days that I am beyond exhausted with being called a RINO, who the hell even coined that stupid term?

If daddy wasn't senator or candidate for president this silly little girl would BARELY be qualified to be a precinct captain in her own neighborhood by now. As a lifelong Republican from a Republican family who has done REAL WORK for the party and not pontification that gets adoration from liberals in the media because it matches their thinking more than it does sincerely registered Republicans, it is really irritating to listen to a Johnny-Come-Lately like her tell ME how my party needs to be branded.

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This Study is a Peace of Junk

Americans pining for a peaceful existence might consider moving to New Zealand, the most peaceful nation on Earth, according to the 2009 Global Peace Index released Tuesday by an Australian-based research group that counts former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and the Dalai Lama among its endorsers.

The United States ranked 83rd out of 144 countries while countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden helped round out the top 10 in addition to several of the world's worst dictatorships ranking higher (luckily not all, otherwise Mexicans might start invading those countries...shucks).

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One Wrong Against 40 Million Doesn't Make a Right

Man, its hard to try to keep the humorous spirit of this blog with the serious subject matter I've been picking to write about for going on two posts now....but I'll give it my best shot...

In any case, I wonder what an Abortion Assassin checklist would look like if Scott Phillip Roeder, the man accused of the killing, wrote it. It would probably look something like...

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The Young Con Anthem

When I say I want to seek out other conservatives with creative bones in their bodies this is exactly what I am talking about.....enjoy!


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