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The Looking Spoon's You Might Be A Liberal If...vol. 2

You can check out volume 1 from last March here.


Your child confesses to living a double life that's 3 letters and starts with G, and you hope it's G-A-Y and not G-O-P...

You think the only way to keep all of Obama's czars straight is to appoint a Czar Sorting Czar...

You think the popularity of Che Guevara t-shirts is a great example of how free-market capitalism works...

You're a hippie that wants to do your part by buying energy efficient light bulbs, now all you need is a home to use them in...

You're from Florida, you voted for Al Gore in 2000, and the name Chad makes you apoplectic...

You and your friends from PETA walk out of the movie that fantasized about George W. Bush's assassination, and during a heated debate over whether there could be a sequel you accidentally step on a bug and kill it, rendering you inconsolable...

You're so bad at Wii Bowling you play with an avatar that looks like Obama...

You hate taxes because counting is hard and you would rather give the IRS your bank routing and account numbers so they can just take what they think you owe...

A botox addled Nancy Pelosi gets emotional at a press conference and you cry for her because she can't...

You smell bad, your dirty dread-locked hair smells even worse, you can't remember your name, you can't spell "job" much less hold one, you can't bathe because your bathtub holds all your used bong water (because you never know when you're gonna need it bro), and you think marijuana should be legalized because its a victimless crime...

You think tax day is in the spring when everything blooms because money grows on taxpayers...

If you try to sell one of your used, unfinished cigarettes on eBay because it got a drag bummed off it from President Obama...

You think conservatives need to stop "waging war on science" and need to start worrying about the potential capsizing of Guam...

You don't understand why Disney fans think Nancy Pelosi hates dalmatians...

You don't breathe a sigh of relief when Obama drops Biden in 2012 and replaces him with the fifth grader who beat him...

"Kicking ass" on national TV isn't a "big f**king deal," and "terrorism" is racial slur...


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With the Liberal Media Its All About Camera Angle

They hide his smoking too...

I suspect one of the experts he's been meeting with is the culprit...

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BP's Newest Toy

BP's new toy Obama yoyo

Big Thanks to Oceander over at Free Republic for sharing this.

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The Biden v. Holder Rivalry Escalates

The saga continues, if you don't know what I'm talking about click the thumbnails at the bottom of the post to see the first parts of it and get up to speed.

Biden and Holder fued 3

Click the image above to see a larger version.

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Obama Is Presented With His First Ass to Kick

BObama presented with first ass to kick

Click the image to see a larger version.

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Poor Misunderstood Helen Thomas!

If only she could have that anti-semetic moment on camera back....

Obama Jack Ass

That could get the Jews off her back.

I guess as a disclaimer I should mention this is pure satire...if its not ABUNDANTLY apparent.

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Asses Barry Kicked

A fun trend on Twitter called #AssesBarryKicked has been making the rounds, here's a partial and evolving list (a mix of humor and serious):

My List

American Medicine
The Dem Majority
Media whores
Clean oceans
Golf tees
Government Motors
Presidential decorum
Glistening presidential pecs
Respect for Supreme Court
National Security
Accepting fault (Bush's fault)
His daughters at Stratego
America's backbone
Martha Coakley’s Senate Campaign
Staying classy
Jihad (the word, not the ideology)
Tax cuts
The Olympics in Chicago
Memorized speeches
The dollar
Jimmy Carter's legacy

My favorites from Twitter:

The salute
37 bowling pins
“The fools who voted for him”
Marine “Corpse” men
Mom Jeans
The idea that experience doesn't matter
Jon Corzine's gubernatorial campaign
Democrats on November 2, 2010
America's 57 States

Comment below with your contributions.

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NOW Obama Wants to Kick Ass?

Is this President Obama when he's angry? Seriously?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Once again he breaks the boundaries of presidential decorum. This guy isn't the president of a college fraternity. He is one of only 43 people in the history of a nation of hundreds of millions who have had the honor and privilege to hold one of the greatest positions of power in the history of mankind.....and he's looking for an "ass to kick?"

Yeah, Matt Lauer prodded him, but THATS MATT LAUER. He is the PRESIDENT. Shouldn't someone be the adult here? Whats worse is Lauer said "kick butt," Obama turned it into "ass." It was totally gratuitous for him to do that.

I'm starting to miss TOTUS

If he wants to talk like that behind his beloved closed doors then by all means go for it, but knock it off with the foul language on national television. Children look up to you and I'm sure their parents don't want to compete with your mouth.

Can you imagine if either President Bush or Ronald Reagan talked like that? ME NEITHER! It wouldn't happen! It didn't happen!

Thats how the DNC moves their agenda forward

For crying out loud Reagan couldn't bring himself to take off his jacket when he was in the Oval Office, meanwhile Democrats get oral sex, drop f-bombs on hot mics, and say "ass" on national television like its on their presidential bucket list.

If Obama thinks he was on this from the beginning then he should hand that memo to Bobby Jindal and David Vitter, who demanded dredging and sand berms for WEEKS before they got permits Obama could've had issued in an instant. Instead, they come after oil hits that states coast.

The reaction to this has been a joke, literally, because when this all broke Obama was playing around with the Jonas Brothers at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

NOW Obama wants to KICK ASS?!? He can't have it, he's not a fit for that part, but I have another role in mind for him...

Obama Jack Ass

(As always, click on the picture to see a larger version in all its glory)

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Holy Smokes! Did You Know Our National Anthem Has More Than One Verse?

I had a vigorous internal debate about posting this video, because I don't want liberals to see it and launch a lawsuit to strike the Star Spangled Banner Down as unconstitutional.

I actually did know, but I have to admit I wouldn't be able to begin telling it to you. Thanks public education!

And who said we're not a Christian nation?

"One of the great strengths of the United States is … we have a very large Christian population -- we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."

- President Obama, April 6, 2009

Oh, uhhhhh, ok.....Pardon me for getting in the way of Captain Ambiguous.

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Obama Endorses Identity Theft Protection?

President Obama celebrated the 66th Anniversary of D-Day by ignoring it and going to the Ford Theatre, the theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assissinated.

The whole event was being taped to be aired for some July 4th special, so a lot of VIP's were there, including a Lincoln impersonator who got to meet Obama. Since Obama has been compared to one of our greatest presidents (if not THE greatest) since BEFORE he was even elected I thought of the perfect product endorsement to commemorate the meeting.

Click on the picture to see a larger version.

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