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Does Lindsey Graham Want The Tea Party To Die?

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has come to find himself in hot water with conservatives over the years for acting like a RINO. I'm willing to cut him some slack, can you blame a dude named Lindsey for being confused on what to think about anything?

Now, according to Politico, she he sHe thinks the Tea Party will die out because it lacks vision.

Dems drink the Brisk

The last time I checked the Tea Party stood for lower taxation, a modicum of sanity brought to fiscal policy, and Snapple over Lipton's Brisk.

All of that was off the top of my head, BEFORE reading their Contract From America.

If you read the contract you'd be left wondering if Graham says it is "lacking vision" because he thinks the Tea Party is a club for blind Republicans.

If it helps Lindsey, they could change their name to the Eyeball Party

The contract has tons of vision!

I don't begrudge his desire to be a voice of moderation in the GOP, and neither apparently does South Carolina, because every band of merry men needs at least one wiener that always wimps out when mischief is afoot, and its just better for all to let them be the lookout. However, he should at least TRY to heed the words of his base of support.

Of course, THAT wasn't even the worst part, here's where the doozy of the entire article come in:

“We don’t have a lot of Reagan-type leaders in our party. Remember Ronald Reagan Democrats? I want a Republican that can attract Democrats,” Graham told the Times. “Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today.”

If that was true then why does Reagan continue to be the litmus test against which all other Republicans running for office are measured? And why doesn't he want to put any of the onus on the Democrats to unite on the issues?

As if Obama coming from the Senate wasn't example enough, its just like a senator such as Graham to show the country how members of Congress, for the most part, don't understand what real leadership is.

Starting from the conviction of compromise and not principle is exactly the kind of attitude that will drive the GOP to irrelevancy...there has to be a clear choice, you don't win over Democrats who aren't liberally inclined by being a "lighter" version of their crazies. You present a choice and then you make the case for your position.

Don't get me wrong, I get it with Lindsey, if my name was Nancy, or Elena, or Girl.....or Mangina, and the majority of people who vote for me want lower taxes, no amnesty, and a muzzle on global warming crazies, and I vote the opposite way of all of those things....I, frankly, would expect voters to understand too.

So the moral of the story is: Next time they vote for a man they should make sure "he" actually has a pair.

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One Way To Get Liberals to Start Smoking?

Fox News has a slideshow of OLD ads that would NEVER be allowed to see the light of day in modern times. One of the more egregious examples is below. I started thinking...there is a way we could get this ad to be deemed acceptalbe by liberals and their media click on the "New PC version" to see what I mean...

  • Original ad
  • New PC Version

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Biden's 'Smart Ass' Outburst Is Not An Isolated Incident

Biden double fisting ice cream and calling people smart ass

Click the image above to see a larger version.

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The New Seal of the President

Hey, I'm not the one who keeps saying we need to remake America, I'm just feeding President Obama a suggestion here...(a big thanks to Chlorinated Liberty for the idea)

New presidential logo

Click to see a larger version

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The Haiku About Biden and Taxes

Now playing in the Haiku section:

Tax cuts tell Biden
Hang with me, be a smart ass
Better than dumb ass

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11 Reasons To Vote For Democrats In November

Found this video posted at All American Blogger, who also claims credit for creating the video. This is an excellent collection of Democrat wisdom that speaks for itself.

I want to add my two cents to this, but I'm not really sure how in a way that makes this video better, but I'll give it a shot...

Its becoming increasingly apparent to those of us who are actually paying attention that the real values of the Democratic party, at its core, have departed from anything that resembles the principles we were actually founded on.

When a Democrat says something is "un-American" try to take note on if they say HOW its "un-American." They can't say how, because they're so wrapped up in themselves they don't even know what "American" is anymore.

Or maybe I'm not giving them enough credit, after all, President Obama has been saying since his 2008 victory speech that he wants to "REMAKE" America, so maybe its that they all have God complexes and "un-American" is anything that isn't in THEIR image....

Don't take my word for it, the morons in the video make my point for me.

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Liberals Will Boycott Arizona As Soon As They Can Find It

I tell ya...sometimes liberals write the material for me and make my job way too easy...Especially with any debate to be had on non-debatable issues such as the allowance of illegal immigration.

Nothing more easily put truth to the lie of this notion that liberalism is the intellectually superior ideology (that they push on the world) than to hear the kind of grasping at straws reasoning for why we should allow such things.

Listen to this latest excuse from Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, a Democrat, as she describes why she opposes Arizona's SB1070 and supports a boycott of the state...

Wow...Why can't these people just be honest and say they want illegals to be allowed to vote for them?

For the record, Obama is reason infinity counted twice.

I think this can be counted as reason number infinity as to why liberals shouldn't be in charge of stuff, like, ever again. If a basic geographical understanding that Arizona is a border state then how is she going to begin to grasp relevant fiscal issues such as taxation and its effects on an economy?

Maybe she meant in surf boarder...and the surf of any body of water is certainly "a ways removed" from the border of Arizona.

Oh...and how about the guy that corrected her? How unnecessarily polite was he? If there is ever a time to break decorum and just go off on a moron that was it.

It has never been said that conservatives are the kind of useful idiots Lenin spoke of, which may be why there is such a concerted effort to edge them out of education by people who would rather have someone like him in charge. I also think "Peggy" is probably not the best name for such an idiotic woman, she probably forgets all the time whether she's a one "g" or two "g" type of ggal gal.

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Demotivational Posters Honoring Robert Byrd

Because the media will be so kind to him...Click on them to see a larger version.

Robert Byrd Demotivation R.I.P.

Robert Byrd Demotivation R.I.P.

Robert Byrd Demotivation R.I.P.

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Meet Harry Reid's Son, Rory...Reid?

Harry Reid is poised to become part of an elite club of majority leaders who managed to not win reelection. So Rory Reid must be really stoked that his father's approval ratings stink like Limburger cheese, stuffed with poop, and dunked in skunk sauce AT THE SAME TIME that HE wants to be governor of Nevada.

Here is his campaign logo....

Rory Reid Logo

Did I say that IS his logo? I meant to say it WAS...take a look at the video to see what I mean.

He removed his last name! He wants to be known as only Rory...which I didn't even know that was a real name until I met Rory Gilmore, the younger half of the Gilmore Girls. So imagine my confusion when I heard Rory was Harry's son!

(I never watched Gilmore Girls, but having a wife keeps me current with TV shows for chicks)

And whats up with the replacing of the "O" in his name with that little logo of his? I mean...WHO DOES THAT?

This isn't an isolated incident either, judging by the masthead of his website this one name thing is official.

The judges will accept "zero," "Obama's accopmplishments," or "Biden's IQ on a good day"

So here's the challenge of the day, count how many times "Reid" comes up on his bio page.

Seriously?!? Who is this guy trying to fool?

Rory Reid Logo

If you didn't tell me they were father and son I would've guessed they were the Olsen twins of politics.

I'd love to ask why he wants to go with only one name, but I'm afraid I would just get some diatribe about how he wants to follow in the footsteps of idols like Prince, or Madonna, or...........

Rory Reid Logo


I don't know, maybe I'm just reading the masthead wrong and he legally changed his name to "2010."

Ok, ok, I'm not a Nevada resident and I don't really know the guy, but I think the above ad tells me all I need to know about Rory Reid.

I'm loathe to ever advocate for anything that stifles free speech, but maybe its time to pass a law that flat out prohibits the use of children in political ads.

The first guy that thought to do that was probably a genius, but if I run for office and my campaign consultant tells me I need to have an ad where kids are force to take time out of screwing up their times tables to lecture adults on who they should vote for, and then pretend the script they read from was their own words, I'd can that hack so fast he'd think he was a general in Afghanistan bitching about the wimpy idiot of a president he has to answer to.

This is why it's good Nevada finally gets it about Harry Reid, because based on that commercial for Rory Reid I'm willing to bet the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (for a more accurate description hold your tongue when you say "apple").

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Jesus and the Democrat

I received this story in a email and it made me really laugh so I had to share...

A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus sitting over there?"

The waitress nodded "yes," so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.

The next patron to come in was a Libertarian, with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus, over there?"

The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, "My treat."

The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Democrat on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, "Hey there honey! How's about gettin' me a cold mug of Miller Light?" He too looked across the restaurant and asked, "Isn't that God's boy over there?

The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give Jesus a cold beer. "On my bill," he said loudly.

As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Republican felt the strength come back into his legs, got up, and danced a jig out the door.

Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Libertarian felt his back straightening up and he raised his hands, praised the Lord, and did a series of back flips out the door.

Then, Jesus walked towards the Democrat, just smiling.

The Democrat jumped up and yelled, "Don't touch me ... I'm collecting disability."

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