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The Haiku for 8/28

YES WE CAN! didn't...
yes HE can!...Will...lets begin
Restoring Honor

Congratulations and Godspeed to Glenn Beck and everyone making the Restoring Honor rally happen. To those who made it there, I am SO jealous, and have fun!


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Hope Flavored Kool-Aid

Hope flavored Kool-aid

To better see the "ad copy" click on the image.

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Ken Mehlman's Glass Door

So former RNC chair and Bush campaign leader Ken Mehlman has come out of a closet that apparently had a glass door because it seems to have been the most open secret ever.

Now he's apparently expected to become some kind of poster boy for why the GOP should finally sign on to gay marriage. Which is an argument I'd much rather have than talking about ObamaCare, or our impending national bankruptcy, or anything consequential really. Why save the country when you can obsess a little more about sex?

Here's a compromise...he can be chief decoration officer for the 2012 RNC. Maybe now the GOP will get it's much needed pizazz.

Ooooh! Scratch that! He can be Prince of Pizazz!

Or Pizazz Czar!

Picture this for a TV show pitch.....Queer Eye for the Right Guy

He could even spearhead the Republican gay outreach under the banner: Red White and Fabu!

He could explain why some gays are JUST FABULOUS and others are

Barney Frank

I don't wanna know

What a whole new world for conservatives!....Does saying pizazz a lot make know?

Seriously though why does this have to be a story? Did Ken think we needed to make his sex life a national discussion? I should have actually titled this post "Somebody Needs Attention."

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Who is TOTUS Talking About?

Pretty simple, in each of these shots which guy is the TOTUS talking about? Not sure this will be that hard...

This last one is going to be really HARD...

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Literally Doubting Biden On The Economy


If I was unemployed and given the choice of selling sacks of crap covered quarters for a dollar apiece, commission only....without a bikini or defending democrats, which job do you think I would want to take?

So apparently Obama had a headache and popped stupid pills instead of Tylenol, because he sent Joe Biden to respond to Minority Leader Boehner's call to fire the Obama economic team (via the Chicago Tribunes political blog The Swamp).

"For eight years before we arrived in the West Wing, Mr. Boehner and his party ran the economy literally into the ground," Biden said.

Now I'm talkin'!

Literally...into the ground....literally guys. For two years before the crash of 2008 the powerless GOP minority took the economy and buried it in the that the democrats, in the majority and running congress, couldn't find it. This is clearly why Obama wanted the "stimulus" to produce "shovel-ready" jobs last year.

As if that's not enough. Here comes the money shot...

Biden conceded that the economic recovery was not proceeding as fast as the administration had hoped, but claimed there was "no doubt we're moving in the right direction."<----(PSSST! click here).

doubt [dout] - noun
Slang for "brains" in the Biden family

We are approaching a point where the world would rather use poison ivy than the dollar, spending is so out of control jealous drunken sailors want their expression back, everyone expects a double dip recession because of the impending tax hikes, and Joe Biden thinks there is NO DOUBT we are moving in the right direction?

"We've seen this movie before, Mr. Boehner. We've seen it before and we know how it ends."

What movie, pray tell, is that? Yeah, ok, Bush was president. But everything started turning to crappy quarters after the Dem takeover of congress in 2006, so my guess is Joey B thinks Boehner's movie is something Disney


Which begs the question if they're the anti-GOP then what the hell kind of movie have they been playing?

These pigs have been telling us to squeal for them for 4 years, and only fools mainlining MSNBC into the crater in their head where their brain would normally be believe Democrats are actually pulling us out of a ditch dug exclusively by the GOP.

If they keep this up the only demographic that will be left for them to persuade will be babies literally born yesterday.

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Welcome to Dhimmy Land

Check out this cartoon submitted by an anonymous cartoonist to iOwnTheWorld. If you haven't heard Disney is dealing with a controversy with an employee who is Muslim woman over wearing her head scarf (hijab).

Disneyland says she has to follow their dress code and lose the hijab, and she says no.

I can appreciate the first amendment religious freedom rational here, but if the first amendment were really the issue here then dress codes everywhere should be abolished for oppressing speech.

Bottom line, Disney is a private company and there are A LOT of other places this woman can work that won't force her to dress in a way that doesn't work for her....seriously.

I had an issue with what to wear to work once, I was so uncomfortable with an employers dress code that my career as a bikini model was over before it could even begin.

Welcome To Dhimmy Land

I'm filing this under "wish I thought of this!"

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The Wisdumb of Biden

There's the wisdom of Confucious....

and then there is the wisdumb of Biden....

Biden say....

Everyone say ObamaCare for you...NO HE DO NOT!

How do Barney Frank become Congressman, dinosaur extinct!

When Halloween come don't suggest Barack dress up like USA citizen.

Hillary pant soots suits because she is girl.

Botox a lot, but Pelosi wont tell what it say.

Obama tax hikes are a big f**king steal.

I say FDR was on TV in Great Depression, I wrong, TV don't have feelings.

Obama make America prison so Democrat can be hope on rope.

I never plagiarize, I don't even know rules of game.

Anthony Wiener need tell Barney it just his name.

Mrs. Biden say too much stimulus hurt her bottom line.

Barack should only fight terrorist after he learn to beat daughters at Stratego.

Hair plug tickle Cheney's brain, I don't have same problem.

I not know Tea Party not birthday celebration for Mr. T.

When Barack vacation, freedom vacation too.

Fox News like kid in school who remind teacher forget to give homework

Barack tell me as Vice President chain of command is Him, Michelle, Nancy, Hillary, Cabinet, Congress, all Governors, Sasha, Malia, Mrs. Biden, ladies on The View, Lindsay Lohan, THEN me...then China.

Approval ratings should be like golf score so Barack feel better.

I could see the potential for people being offended for mocking a Chinese persons broken English...I want to make clear that's not at all what I was doing


If you Twitter check out and add to the #BidenSay hashtag.

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How to Make Kenyan Spaghetti

Kenyan spaghetti

While I hate having to do this, but it must be said I'm not a "birther." This idea popped in my head and I just had to do it.


If you want to read what it says click on it. You can also make one of your own at

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Biden's Vacation From Reality

While recently assuring that election night is going to be rosier for Democrats than most people think Biden had this to say about the alternative to Democrats growth of government and previously unachieved trillion dollar deficits

"They are going to look at what the Republican Party is really offering -- more of the past, but on steroids..."

....Ummmm....In the past we spent less money, had less debt, and more jobs...even if we put all three of these on steriods the GOP's batting average would be .333 points better than how the Dems are currently doing.

Is it just me or is it blindingly obvious that the Dems have absolutely nothing to run on? I know this is REALLY over simplifying things, but even in the simplest terms the facts just aren't on their side.

Biden say, Obama spending is a big f**king steal!

They keep talking about the past in these abstract terms and assigning blame to an out-of-luck lame duck GOP president for a recession that started when they controlled congress, and got WAY worse when they added the presidency to their trophy case.

So what is it exactly that the GOP would put on steroids that has the hair plugs on Biden's neck standing on edge? We never know because the media never forces Dems to explain themselves. They should thank God for that because in all honesty, children would sound more coherent trying to explain how Obamacare works.

The Republican response to this was pretty amusing:


Republicans said Biden was taking a vacation from reality, noting the 9.5 percent U.S. unemployment rate, a skyrocketing national debt and the highest jobless claims in nine months.

"Joe Biden is still desperately trying to convince Democrats that the economy is on the right track," said Republican National Committee spokesman Bill Riggs. "It's clear that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are completely out of touch."

I would like to congratulate Biden for winning a spot in the next ad for F.O.O.L....

Bright idea biden

Click the image to see a larger version....and I think I'm on to something with that "Biden say" crack....hmmm...

Via Reuters

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Obama's New Iran Nuke Strategy?

Five years ago we were told Iran was 5 years away from a functioning nuclear reactor, and liberals said this was crazy talk.

Well its five years later...and "I told you so" is going to be really hard to appreciate when you're trying to hide from nuclear fallout.

How the credibility of the these people hasn't vaporized is a testament to the power of the forcefield the liberal media erects around its own. Thanks to those idiots more people know who Bristol Palin's son&'s play dates are than the name of the man trying to literally hurl us toward Armageddon.

I can't even begin to figure out how to put into words the anger I feel at how unaware the media is of their complicity in what seems to be our increasingly inevitable destruction. They will do ANYTHING to excuse liberal world-ending incompetence.

On that note here's an example of my "imagination" on that matter...

Obamas say nukes are yucky

Click the image to see a larger version.

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