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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor 'Whopper'

It was an eyebrow-raising revelation and certainly an original image: Beck cradling the actual words of the first president. But would the persnickety gatekeepers of the nation's historical legacy at the National Archives allow some talk show bombthrower to put his mitts on a rare (and fragile) artifact? The answer, it turns out, is no way. Beck was not telling the truth....his fib stands in stark contrast to the point of the rally, which was all about restoring the principles of courage and honor that the nation was founded upon. In fact, one of Beck’s only prescriptions for fixing the country was to "tell the truth."

via Mother Jones
Liberal Masterpiece Theater...

Beck: "I want the truth!"

National Archives: "You can't handle the truth!"

This is it you guys! Like good ratings to the teflon MSNBC is made of the laughably low estimate on attendance for Restoring Honor wont stick, so lets pick out a few syllables about holding a sacred document that may not have actually happened to discredit the entire rally.

Restoring Honor was about...well, restoring honor. It wasn't a polemic, it wasn't in any way political. It was an affirmation of the values that made this country great in the first place. There's no way you can attempt to discredit that without looking like some lame liberal hall monitor.

How do we know he's lying anyway? According to the Mother Jones story (and I emphasize "story") someone would be in very deep doo doo stimulus if it was ever admitted that he touched a forbidden fruit of our history. So is Beck lying or is Susan Cooper, the spokesperson for the National Archives, covering someones rear?

You know what? I actually don't freakin' care! If Beck didn't tell the what? How does that tarnish the basic goodness what Restoring Honor set out to accomplish or its message?

RIDDLE ME THIS LIBERALS... If Bill Clinton, of all people, advised married couples against committing of adultery would such an admonishment be incorrect because of its source?

It was a three hour event and the only time Beck was put on a pedestal was when the people being honored thanked him for having the event. So is this REALLY the best you got libs?

But he should know what he is talking about, because NOW progressives think nothing he says is credible


Like this latest grasp at straws would affect liberals' opinion of the rally if the words weren't uttered? Furthermore, they carry water for a vice president who thinks TV was Franklin Roosevelts opiate to the masses in 1929 WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT....THREE YEARS BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED.

Then they have a president who once said we have 57 states! I don't know, maybe it was in jest, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt when Beck gets it.

What message are they trying to convey anyway? Its cool if you're a liberal idiot and be elected leader of the free world, just don't be a conservative pundit that gets verbally carried away from time to time.

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The Socialist Adventures of Robbin' Hood

Somewhere the descendants of Errol Flynn hate me...dearly...

I struggled a bit to come up with the right leading lady, there was the obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Michelle

Then theres the less obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Nancy

I would be a little worried that Nancy would be uncomfortable running around with her head all covered up...

Nancy with head cover


Anyway, then we have the "oh yeah" choice

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Barney

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Dems Test Einstein's Theory of Insanity?

The White House is struggling with whether to propose ideas that would appeal to Republicans, and thus get support on Capitol Hill—such as tax cuts—or whether to promote ideas that officials believe could have more economic impact but might hit political resistance, such as more aid for states and more infrastructure funding.

via Wall Street Journal.

This lip service to tax cuts is being hailed as a sort of moment of Obama coming to Jesus (a huh, a huh huh huh) on the economy. Forgive me if I choose to remain a doubting Thomas on that point.

The only struggle going on here is the one where liberals have to choose between their ideology and reality.

It's not at all a coincidence that the states having the biggest problems with money and scratching their heads in bemusement are the ones that liberals have a death grip on (California, New York, Michigan). They like to sneer at Reaganomics but it worked no matter how many times they make unchallenged pronouncements that it didn't.

Thats how you break a TOTUS

I know next to Obama FDR is their great "progressive" liberal hero, after all, both smoked, one needed crutches to walk, the other needs a crutch to think....

FDR had more VP's than Biden has brain cells. There's the "New Deal," the "Big Effing Deal," and wasting money is an ass they can definitely kick.

One thing is certain. Reagan's economic policies didn't need a world war to finally get the country out of its economic funk. Furthermore...wait a sec, that quote said Obama wants to help the economy by giving MORE aid to...states...aaand...OMG they want more stimulus again?!? Wont these people ever learn?!?

I forget, what did Einstein say was the product of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

image from iOwnTheWorld

He has to stand because there's no corner to cower into when your office is oval...

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Virus Causing Political Corruption Discovered

The media wanted to sit on this amazing scientific find, but photos leaked out, here is a magnified view of the virus.

Scientists are calling the petri dish the "Culture of Corruption"

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Glenn Beck is Not A Fad

Totally "he said she said"

New York Times conservative columnist Ross Douthat attended the Restoring Honor Rally and wrote a column on it that must've really unnevered the opinion editor, who was undoubetly forced to choose between that and the letters to the editor detailing "eyewitness" accounts from "readers" like Daureen Moud and Kaul Prugman, who saw Beck turn into a dragon and forced everyone to repent or face the hellfire clamoring for release from his demonically conservative gullet.

You can read the piece here, or you can see the concluding paragraphs, which give a pretty good idea of the direction it went in.

In a sense, Beck’s “Restoring Honor” was like an Obama rally through the looking glass. It was a long festival of affirmation for middle-class white Christians — square, earnest, patriotic and religious. If a speaker had suddenly burst out with an Obama-esque “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” the message would have fit right in.

But whereas Obama wouldn’t have been Obama if he weren’t running for president, Beck’s packed, three-hour jamboree was floated entirely on patriotism and piety, with no “get thee to a voting booth” message. It blessed a particular way of life without burdening that blessing with the compromises of a campaign, or the disillusioning work of governance.

For a weekend, at least, Beck proved that he can conjure the thrill of a culture war without the costs of combat, and the solidarity of identity politics without any actual politics. If his influence outlasts the current election cycle, this will be the secret of his success.

I know Douthat has some pretty impressive credentials, but this is supposed to pass for the conservative voice at the Times? I guess over there conservative = "medicated liberal."

Douthat was ALMOST there wasn't he? But like Biden holding a flash card of when television was really invented...

...he completely misses the point about Glenn Beck's mission. He's not trying to be the conservative Michael Moore (as stated near the beginning of his column). He's fighting for ideals that are more univeral and enduring than the result of any one election.

I don't know, he writes for the most liberal rag in the country, so maybe he's just trying to speak to them slowly...

What was it like Ross!?! Why did they look so clean? Did they bathe in the reflecting pool beforehand?

Were there minorites there? What special effects did they use to hide their chains?

Did they camp out the night before or did they claw they're way out of the dirt the morning of?

When did they sacrifice the progressive virgins? Was that off-air?

...and dumb down the column in terms that even a Manhattan liberal can understand...

And what about the "progressive virgins" crack?

By the way, I want to apologize for not knowing of a good web-safe font to communicate "idiot" for the above questions.

The bottom line is this, Beck is the 21st century Paul Revere, not for the political world...for the spiritual one. Fighting for God in our hearts isn't the fad that tub Michael Moore turned out to be, it is SO MUCH MORE than that, and I hope Douthat knew this and was just being forced to play to his audience.

via Memeorandum

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Caption Fun: Dueling Obama-Biden Facepalms

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The True Source of Obama's Power?

Restoring Honor Rebuttal

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The Fork in the Road

Restoring Honor


Re-accessing Glory

And that precludes
Horny politicians who
Only listen to
Constituents who
Hail from the greatest nation in all their hand


It also precludes
who live as They choose
And then
When it all hits fan
They demand to understand
Where the hell He went

A three pronged attack
That attracts
an attitude that


Leads to a Life, Christ-like    Hope


You can plainly see
The fork in the road that lies before you
And you know exactly
What it is you need to do....

Take it

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When Biden Gets Distracted...

Restoring Honor Rebuttal

How the heck did I not see this before?

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A Rebuttal To Restoring Honor...

Restoring Honor Rebuttal

Click on the image to enlarge it.

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