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O's Going Down The Drain

I love this graphic...

I don't know who did this, but I'm filling this under W for "wish it was me."

The site where I found it was not the author so I don't want to give undue credit, if you know where this came from leave a comment, or claim it if its yours.


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Elections Have Consequences

Awesome video, I originally found this at iOwnTheWorld, but it comes from Red State

Maxine Waters is the best part of the video. Kudos to the creators, Ben and Caleb Howe.

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Is Your Desk A Measure of Your Intelligence?

One of the best emails I've received in a while! Maybe now my wife will get off my case about the clutter on my desk....


There's an old saying that seems to apply: Creative minds are rarely tidy. I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace.

A picture is worth a thousand words........... 

A person's mind and his desk...........

William F. Buckley

Albert Einstein

The smartest president ever...

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Barack Obama is Unqualified to Be President (duh)

Today is double the fun with Drinking With Bob day!

Hands down this is my favorite video blog. I can't get sick of this guy screaming my ear off!

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Whoopi Goldberg Couldn't Find Her Way Out of a Glass House if You Gave Her a Hammer!

I didn't say it...Drinking With Bob did<---(more videos here)...

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Conservative Satire Headlines October 22, 2010

Reid worried his "but for me we'd be in a world-wide depression" statement has been grossly misinterpreted by gay community

Voters gear up to show Democrats that the stimulus did in fact produce shovel ready projects

Sharron Angle leaves Nevada voters confused after urging them to vote for the "only real woman" running for Senator.

GOP reassures NPR they don't want to "defund" the network, they just want to change its funding to one dollar per listener.

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What Else Would We Have, But for Harry Reid?

In case you missed it...

WOW! Somebody get this guy a cape and an alter ego. Maybe Barack and Nancy can do that since the stimulus was apparently a one-man show. This begs the question, what else what else would we have, but for Harry Reid?......

We'd have one less exception to "'i' before 'e' except after 'c'".

We'd be able to say "Mormons are actually really awesome...but for Harry Reid."

The average pitch of the human male would be 30% lower

We'd have one less narcissist in the senate who thinks their reflection should be the tie breaking vote.

We'd have a chance in hell that bifocals could become cool

We'd have a senator that support the troops better than the jock strap he wears as a gender diversion

Lost jobs would be bad unless it was his.

Obama's "negro dialect" would be known as his "voice."

Searchlight wouldn't have to claim such a dimwit.

Sharon Angle would be the most feminine person in the race.

Did I miss anything?

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Trying To Put The President Under A Microscope...

Obama's microscopic credibility

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Conservative Satire Headlines October 21, 2010

Discovery of water on the moon renews hope that science will one day find life in Biden's head

NPR CEO denounces Juan Williams's statement about Muslims on planes, adds she's not bigoted enough to examine who she flies with on her private jet

Al Queda issues statement of concern that Williams's firing by NPR is a sign they are not being taken seriously enough

Biden calls on Pelosi to join him in his idea to convince GOP voters to vote Democrat by re-registering Republican.

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Let's Give NPR A New Name...

As if it wasn't enough for the harpies on The View to live in denial about the nature of our attacker when Bill O'Reilly was willing to confront them with it. NPR has now fired Juan Williams for this...

Can anyone at NPR say with a straight face that they have no idea what Juan is talking about? Their awareness of who flies on a plane with them hasn't been heightened at all since 9-11?

I think its time to rename National Public Radio, because I don't know what public they think they're serving, but its not the American one...



Nutjobs that

Prodigies at being


Piles of
Rat scat

Numbskulls constantly
Proven to be


Prophylactic against
Rational thought

Help me out here people, give me your ideas!

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